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Shaped Like an Hour Glass


so obviously if i was a female it would be okay, but im not..
simply getting bigger would help im sure but for some people it isnt that easy..i started lifting weights and added about 600-1500 calories a day and still havent gained a pound..

is there a certain muscle or exercise to work on to help not look so feminine around the waist?




Delts and Lats twice a week. Build yourself a wider upper body.


Add more than 1500 calories then. Seriously. This is the beginner's forum, so you get the benefit of the doubt. What do your diet and training look like?


i was diagnosed with crohn's disease 3ish years ago now so ive been struggling with maintaining my weight and keeping it under control so its really difficult to eat a lot...im also lactose intolerant..or i was im not sure actually

4ish eggs maybe some eggs whites depending on if i want to taste those nasty things or not...usually 3 eggs or more at least
2/3 cup of oatmeal

sub from subway...ham and lettuce whole wheat bread..6 inch usually sometimes 12 inch

pre workout drink
Muscle Juice weight gainer mixed with water..2 scoops and 250mL of water

post workout drink
again muscle juice 2 scoops 250 mL of water

usually just whatever is made..theres usually chicken or turkey or somet other kind of meat with maybe pasta althogh i dont like pasta too much anymore potatoes are becoming more frequent..

as for training i was doing the 5x5 program i found on here but just started doing random stuff..i really dont like bench pressing so i wanted to get away from it..the addition of 600-1500 calories was my weight gainer and thats it..


ive noticed small changes...there isnt any difference on the scale and i only look bigger when i flex my muscles..strength wise i was getting stronger but ive gotten weaker for some reason

i dont want to be really big like a bodybuilder i just want to be...well bigger than i am now..im about 5'9" in height and im definetly not growing anymore i weigh 130 pounds and i want to get to around 150-160ish..maybe 170

the reason im posting on here is because all of my friends who started at the same time gained weight really quickly and have noticed more change than i have...i know everyone's different but i noticed that 99% of people gain weight in the beginning and i didnt..


I don't know anything about crohn's, but there's plenty of room for more calories in your diet.

Add more oatmeal at breakfast, or more eggs. Another simple way to get in calories is by having protein shakes between or with meals. You can add oil or natty pb to those shakes too.


uhh..well for me basically fruits arent an option...especially berries

so basically youre saying to drink more of my protein shake?


Random training = random results.

Improve your training and do it consistently and you'll likely see better results.


i guess i shouldnt have said random stuff...uhh..squats and deadlifts from time to time..usually some type of pullup/chinup as well as dips and rows and chest flies...thats basically what my work outs have consisted of recently


That would work. Or just accept that you're going to have to eat more. Add in an extra meal and go from there.

And like HK said, get your training in order.


i can add in more weight gainer i guess

and for working out..is there anything you would suggest..should i just go back to 5x5? and if so is there something i can replace bench press with? all my friends complain that their chest is "on fire" but for me it feels like my triceps are on fire...or my shoulders sometimes


No matter what program you pick just make sure you don't modify the program or switch things up. You don't know what you're doing so there is no reason to go changing things.

I'd recommend the 3x5 over the 5x5. Just really stick with it for at least 2 months. It's impossible not to see results if you're eating enough and not wimping out while lifting.

I've had incredible gains in the past 6 weeks following the 3x5.


same exercises im assuming? and how come my chest doesnt feel anything? it also hasnt grow as much as my friends have in comparison to the rest of my body with theirs..

and is it better to work out every day straight or every other day?


Most people do between 4-6 days a week. This will depend on your rep ranges and volume. If you're doing lots of work in low rep ranges close to or at failure, you'll probably want more rest, versus if you're doing lots of high reps and volume. Get to know your body.


It took me ages to be able to feel my chest doing anything. I still don't get the "on fire" feeling, although I get a nice "pump" now. For me, flexing my chest really hard between every set helped a lot, and helped me feel the muscle more.


My fiancee was JUST diagnosed with Crohn's Disease so I feel very sympathetic to your situation. The first thing I assume you've already done is figure out what your trigger foods are that seem to upset your large intestine.

What foods have you identified that trigger flare ups? What foods have you deemed as "safe" to eat?

How old are you?

I agree that 5x5 or a similar program is a good place to start. Try replacing barbell bench with dumbbell bench press, as most people get better isolation/feel in the pecs with that variation.


It's still random! You need to stick to a routine. You're not going to see any changes if you don't stick with anything. Dead lifting and squatting once a month is probably not going to give you much gains. You need to stick to a routine where you squat at least once a week.


im 18..and really? db bench press feels even less effective for my pecs..usually my forearms get really sore and i cant hold heavy enough dumbells or even lighter ones long enough to do enough reps


Do you feel your pecs moving the weight when you barbell bench press?