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Shape of Old School Bodybuilders


bodybuilders like arnold,lou and serge win in my book if u put them agaist jay cutler,ronnie,or dennis wolf.but why do they have a diffrent shape then bodybuilders today?is it the way they train or supplements or what and NO i am not trolling.


MASS MONSTERS!!!! IMO guys have gotten so big that that shape is lost, it's still there 80lbs ago but I think we'll start seeing that "classic" look come back, I hope anyway.


How many times does this have to be answered? Holy fuck.

The times called for packing on as much muscle as possible and being leaner than ever before, so the pro's did what they were expected to do. Duh.


The shape is not "lost" , their training and eating habits are probably the same arnie squatted and so did coleman , Lou curled and so does cutler , the main difference between the two physiques of bb`ers from the 70s and 80s and today is the increase in substance abuse ,

in the old days they used performance enhancing drugs to a much lower degree compared to now , back than all they used was a little deca and a little dbol and you were done , and now most bb`ers who go on stage at the olympia level have a little chimstry lab cooking inside them.

personally? i like arnie but whan I watch the big O bring on the mass monsters and keep the other guys at the fitness Expo.


I have to agree on the substance use stance,I mean technology and just the level of substances available, mixed with supplements nowdays, I mean of course we are gonna be way bigger!! I love the old school look hands down but i mean if we got the resources to be MASS MONSTERS then while the hell not? lol


It's many factors, which include better knowledge of recovery, training, supplementation, and of course drugs.
It's not unlike progress made in nearly all the science and technology sectors. The more we learn, the more we can apply.


Its just the added size, weight. The skeletons remain the same. Add another 50 to 70 lbs of muscle to arnie's body and he is going to look different. His waist will grow with the rest of him. The proportions just change. I prefer the 70's look as well though.


Guys, why is today's space shuttle safer and more efficient then say the space shuttle of 1969?

I mean the one from 1970's and 1980's used to fucking explode on the launch pad, today not as many teachers are dieing in a fiery ball of death.

What gives?

And no, I'm not retarded.




I agree, there was a much more aesthetic appeal to their shape than the current trend!!

I do fear though that Professor X will come on hear and try and flame the bejesus out of it.
He will say that it is BODYBUILDING, building as big a body as possible.

I think that bodybuilding should be about building that most impressive physique possible which to my mind is the incredible v-taper and conditioning.

Beware the Prof x


I think their shape has gone from being the V shape to now the X shape. Back then they were less informed about nutrition as well ate the whole egg whole cuts of meet etc.


Whats wrong with eating whole eggs or whole cuts of meat?



I consider this thread to be the "I just watched the Pumping Iron mocumentary", and you're all excited cause you watched some bodybuilding, and then their builds are fantastic and the guys today are just giant drug consuming mass monsters....


Personally, I much prefer the builds of bodybuilders like Victor Martinez, Kai Greene, Dexter, Jay when he's in shape, Ronnie in his late 90's comps, Levrone early 2000's, to anything from the 70's.

The increased growth of legs and backs since the 80's has created builds that I appreciate much more. There's only so much of seeing Arnie's giant breast look which was out of proportion to anything else on him that I can take.


Can you not accept that some people have different opinions to you without calling them ignorant ?

No-one is saying that what the modern bodybuilders achieve is anything short of amazing, we are just talking about personal preference that's all ?


It's ignorant for posts above to be attributing the changes over the years to increased substance use.

If you take ignorance in a negative way, tough.

And again, I find it hard to believe people don't think modern bodybuilders have a V-taper....pay attention, of course they do, they're just bigger, and have bigger legs (hence the X look).

Oh no, I mentioned the letter X....does that mean you're going to go all nutty and psycho porkie pie person?

Can you not accept that your fetish with stalking X is a bit stale and alot of people here are sick of it?

Actually, on that note you can go on my ignore list too (joining such distinguished contributors as Stringer, Lt Kilgore, Headhunter)


Seeing how a thread like this gets made at least once or twice a month it gets a little old to hear people bitching.

I for one, miss the good old days of football when the fastest player in the league ran a 4.7 sec 40 yard dash. The 4.2-.3 second 40 yard sprints these days are just awful, I much prefer the slower ones.

Now Serially, you guys like the old physiques because you feel like that's something you have a chance of obtaining. You see the pro's of today and are so in awe of their development that it discourages you, so you bitch about it.


Such is life, i am sure i will get by even knowing i am on your ignore list!!

So you do not think that todays physiques are due to increased knowledge of substances, possibly even HGH being used at higher levels nowadays ?

Everything has improved, nutrition, understanding of training, chemical use.
So what is your point.

Mine is that i feel that old school bodybuilders had a better more aesthetic physique.
You think todays bodybuilders have a better physique and fair enough, thats your point and i can appreciate that.


This subject's been beaten to death, there's nothing else to say.

Everyone has different goals; as long as someone doesn't want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, I don't give a shit which physique they aspire to. Like with women: "to each their own". :wink:


And Amen to that one!!


This thread is a prime location for people who want to look like pussies patting each other on the back. :wink:

By the way, I prefer the shape of Johnnie Jackson, Branch Warren, Ronnie, and Joel Stubbs.