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Shaolin as Preparation for Olympic Lifting


Hello everybody!

I am German and currently live in Germany. We have a Shaolin temple here. "Outsiders" can stay there and train for 350â?¬/week (about 500USD).

For olympic lifting I lack, to some degree, body awareness and flexibility (butt wink when breaking parallel; shoulder and neck pain when doing back squats, etc.).

So I was thinking about spending a couple weeks there. I am sure the training would help me solve those problems.

I am in my 20s, 6' and 198 pounds right now.

Do you think, as a European and being rather tall, the flexiblilty and body awareness will come automatically over time? Thank you!


Well first of all I thought shaolin were self sufficient?

secondly, you don’t need either of those things from shaolin monks. The flexibility will come over time. You can speed it up by stretching and foam rolling.

body awareness doesn’t mean much. Just do something over and over again. Your mind will learn to use those muscles eventually.

Perhaps there are things that shaolin monks can teach but I don’t think they are really all that useful for weightlifting and certainly I wouldn’t give 500 dollars a week for that.


I know weight lifters hate the idea of Pilates and Yoga on some level (as did I before I tried it) but Pilates was the best thing I ever did for getting my flexibility and body damage back under control.

I don’t do pilates anymore, but I do do some of the simple exercises from time to time to get back in touch with what it feels like when certain body parts move. The course I did at least, concentrated on ‘when you do this, feel what is moving’ rather than just ‘do this, now do that’. I learned a lot.

So … it was way cheaper than what you’re proposing, and to my mind gave me long lasting results. Now I can really feel when I tweak with this movement I am, or am not, feeling it where I should. Also when I’m feeling a bit tight in an area I know how to stretch it out… or to give up for the day and hit it later.

There are other options :slight_smile:


$500 a week? Are you out of your mind…



You could buy a top class olympic standard barbell set after 2 weeks man. Screw the monks you know what to buy.
Like dan john says just do the lifts with a broomstick and you’ll get the plenty of flexability from that.