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Shannon Sharpe Article in NYT


See recent article on Shannon Sharpe. I have to give him credit for his commitment


"Meals number four and five might be turkey or chicken again, or six ounces of bison meatballs, or sea bass and a side of fibrous vegetables."

Bison meatballs. These darned blacks and their spending habits. Lol

He's probably the only commentator who could comfortably sit in front of the camera in a wife-beater, if he wanted to.


Jimmy Johnson has him beat. He went on national tv without a shirt on.


He's been a fan of bodybuilding since the late 80's and was known to attend most shows like the Olympia.

Karl Malone is the same way.


I may be mistaken (don't follow sports at all), but wasn't he affiliated with EAS back in the day?



He was affiliated with EAS, like Romanowski.

I remember when Muscle Media, the Bill Phillips' magazine, did an article on Shannon Sharpe's workouts.


Yes. He was the poster boy for their mixable creatine product back in the day and Met-Rx. He was one of thew few football players who set up his lifting routine to match more of a bodybuilding setup. His brother is into bodybuilding as well.


Yeah, Shannon Sharpe is an OG in terms of American athletes that trained for their sport with a bodybuilder mindset.