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Shannon Briggs Hospitalized


After taking 12 rounds of a serious beating from Vitali Klitschko. I saw this fight. after about round 5 V.K. was teeing off on Briggs. Shannon looked really bad in 7-10 rounds. My first reaction was why the hell did the ref or his corner stop this beatdown. Shannon was literally stumbling to his corner after the bell in those late rounds, one time missed his chair and flopped down on the mat.

Then I was thinking that V.K. must have really lost a lot of his power, if he could hit someone flush that many times and not KO them.

today I find out that Shannon is in the hospital in Germany, in the critical care unit. In the locker room after the fight he was exhibiting signs of a serious head injury( drowsiness, confussion, repetitive questioning...) and taken to the hospital. turns out he has bilateral orbital fractures, a fractured nose, and a concussion! WTF? the ref and his corner should be ashamed.

Vitali still has power, Shanon is just a tough SOB.


Yeah...both parties should be held responsible.


I haven't seen the fight but I read about this yesterday. The ref had some lame excuse about it being a championship fight and wanting to give Shannon a chance to come back. From what I hear Shannon was never in the fight and was barely more than a punching bag in the later rounds. The ref should lose his license and Shannon's corner should be ashamed for not looking after the guy that pays their salary.


I saw the fight and although it was extremely one-sided towards the later rounds, one should respect the decision of Briggs.

He is an experienced pro fighter and knew what he was getting into. If completing all of 12 rounds against the world champion, even at the cost of his health, means something to him, why the hell not.

It's his body after all.


Wow, that's just shameful. No matter how much I love my job and my livelihood I'd never seriously endanger my health for it. For that I respect fighters. The ref should be made an example of.


your right SKman. he might have landed 5-10 punches flush on VK the entire fight, and when he did, VK just shrugged them off and made Shannon pay by eating 2-3 punches in return. One thing if Briggs showed any potential to be able to hurt VK, but not even close.


I did not see the fight, but I heard and read updates as it was going on and the fight clearly, clearly should have been stopped.

Who was the referee?


I have to disagree with this for a couple of reasons. First because fighters by nature can sometimes be too tough for their own good. Arturo Gatti probably would have kept fighting if he severed one of his arms. The primary responsibility of the referee is to protect the fighters sometimes that means going against their wishes. Secondly, reports are that Shannon had a concussion and was not responding clearly to simple questions after the fight. Is someone in a concussed state really in a position to make sound judgements?


This is bad for boxing very bad.


cant rmember his name, but i have seen him before, he is a Brit, short, bald black fellow.


So very true SK. could not agree with you more. the corner and the ref should have the fighters best intrest top priority.


Fortunately, initial reports of Briggs' condition were off; he suffered no brain injury. He does have a broken orbital bone, nose, and torn bicep tendon.

It should never be the job of the fighter to know if or when to stop a fight -- that's both a distraction and an affront to their dignity. A fighter's job is to fight to the best of their ability, and if they've been trained properly both physically and psychologically, they will keep fighting regardless of circumstances. Which is why it's incumbent upon the corner and the ref to think of the fighter's well-being for them.

First half of the fight Briggs remained fresh enough despite taking some good shots, and hunting for an angle; he was never effective offensively. By the second half he was tiring, eating a lot of rights, and mostly just trying not to get knocked out.

He looked incredibly tough, more so than I recall ever seeing or expecting of him before, and there was never a moment where I was disgusted that the fight wasn't stopped, but there were many moments (and rounds) where it would have been fine to do so. Toward the last couple rounds, it would have been right to do so.

It's my tendency to blame corners first, and refs second, and that stands here.

And Klitchko, frankly, didn't look very good either -- neither particularly fast, sharp or powerful, just more of an edge but only by comparison. Overall both looked older, heavier, slower and sloppier.

Fight can be seen here; scroll down to Saturday, 4:50pm:



How the fuck do you tear a biceps tendon in a boxing match?


Have you ever thrown an uppercut?


tons of ways you can tear just about any muscle in a boxing match.

i will disagree with you C-bear, I thought V.K. looked old and sluggish in his two fights before this, but this fight he actucally looked crisp and sharp. everything, and i mean EVERYTHING he threw connected. his timeing and positioning/controlling the distance was as good as i have ever seen it. i

i was watching the fight at work, livre streaming video in the doctors lounge, and one of my docs who happens to have been a stud amateur golden gloves boxer in his youth, and has a son who boxes in the military, during the first few minutes of the first round he said that VK was timing Shannon perfectly, that he moved out of his(Shannon's) range the very second Shannon set up to throw.

Vitali is a master of utilizing all of his size to keep out of range of his opponents punches but staying where he can land his own shots.


I would go further and say it is only the duty of the ref to stop the fight when a fighter CANNOT DEFEND HIMSELF. While a fighter is still moving/throwing any punches/holding his hands up it is the responsibility of the corner.

Most corners are absolutely shit in this respect and would rather see their boy hospitalised than have the indignity of a KO on his record. I have seen this in amateur matches where it is even more reprehensible.

If he's badly outclassed, pull him out.


Doesn't the tendon connect to the shoulder as well as elbow? Do you have to ask how you could injure the shoulder or elbow in a sport that involves a movement such as punching?


I have. That just seems like a pretty unusual injury for boxing. I was thinking maybe while they were clinching.


This is sad, fighters never say they've had enough. If he dies, its not him... its his corner and the ref.

Live today, fight tomorrow hasnt been passed on for centuries for no good reason.

His corner was entrusted with his life. i blame them more then the ref. The towels should've been thrown in once it got one sided. The closer you get to the championship rounds, the hgiher the odds of death are.

Thats actually the reason its 12 rounds now instead of 15!

If it was as bad as i heard, his career is done and if it was a 15 rounder and he managed to go the distance he'd be brain dead now.


Bicep injuries aren't that uncommon, oddly enough I think they're more common than shoulder injuries.