Shane's Over 35 Shenanigans

Happy Easter!

Nice job on that ride Shane! One more for the road. :sunglasses: Happy Easter! Enjoy the mountains!

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Thanks Trent!

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Cabin metcon
Weight idk. All you can eat brunch after church wasn’t a good start to the day though. Going to try to eat a lot less today.

10 push ups

15 air squats

10 x 45 Kb Swing

10 one arm banded rows per arm

10 bench dips

15 Ab wheels

10 jumping jacks

10 rounds for time



Hill jog for remainder 12 minutes

Jog up hill walk down repeat

6 times

The hill

My workout view

Not a typical mountainside long range view but the sound of the river and birds made up for it.


Hell yeah man! Way to go Rocky Balboa on vacation! :sunglasses: Plenty of good work in that metcon and then some hill jogging to finish it off. Nothing wrong with that! Looks gorgeous up there.

Maybe go find a log to carry up and down the hill for the next one. :muscle:

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Thanks Trent! LoL. Definitely a change from the norm. Had to try to find something to get my heart rate up.

Cabin metcon 2

Burpees x 5

Banded bicep x 15

Rear foot elevated split squats x 10

KB Row 10 x 45 per arm

Jumping jacks x 15

Band rear delts pull x 15

10 rounds




Hill jogs


That’s it. Wasn’t wanting to do back to back metcons but my wife wanted to try my workout from yesterday out so I built this one on the fly to do with her.

Needs one more movement but that’s all I could come up with.


Great job Shane! Well, great job to both of you I should say. Feel free to use objects you find laying around. I was always good for doing some cleans with a hotel room coffee table. :joy:

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Thanks Trent! I would pay to see those table cleans! :joy:

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Cabin Cardio

25 jumping jacks

25 x 45kb swings

Suitcase KB Stair climb x 3. Alternate hands

10 rounds


Hill sprints




Another solid looking cabin metcon! Nice job Shane!

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Thanks Trent!

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Saturday Cardio
Weight idk.

We left the cabin around 9:00 AM and went and ate breakfast at Bigfoot Biscuits. Had a big ass biscuit called the Henderson, it had fried chicken that was Nashville hot style. It was good. Then off to Mercier Orchards for fried apple pies, apple butter, and donuts for the in laws, and finally to the house. Got the truck unloaded and hopped on the bike. Back at it and just turning some pedals over and burning some cals.

This place was missing out not selling stickers. Would have made a great one to add to my garage fridge.


I have had the Bigfoot breakfast in Willow Creek. Amazing how the big guy gets around.

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They do get around don’t they! :joy:

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Sunday Cardio
Weight 258

5 minute cool down
5 minute post ride stretch

That’s it.


Nice couple of rides after you got home Shane! Looks like you needed to burn some calories after such great eating! :drooling_face:

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Thanks Trent! Yeah man, ate way too much good food last week.

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Weight 258

HS Inclines

A bunch x 45 per side warm up

20 x 70

20 x 90

12 x 115

7 x 115 plus partials

Seated DB Laterals

12 x 30

12 x 35

12 x 40

12 x 40

Pec deck

15 x 285

15 x 295

12 x 305(max)

HS ISO Lateral Shoulder press

20 x 55

20 x 65

20 x 75

Ab crunch (April add set)/Push ups

50 x max/20

50 x max/20

50 x max/15

50 x max/15

50 x max/10

45 minutes

10 minutes stretching

That’s it.


Great looking push session Shane. Lots of great sets in there. Just crushing it man!

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