Shane's Over 35 Shenanigans

Thanks Trent. You get on a real bike and I am sure you will have no problem keeping up with me.

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Weight 254 beers at the Theo Von show

Bicep warm ups

DB x 10 x 50 reps

DB x 15 x 30 reps

HS iSO Low row

15 x 45 per side

12 x 70

10 x 90

Don’t like this machine

Smith Rows mid OH Grip

20 x 145

20 x 175

20 x 205

Smith Shrugs

20 x 275

20 x 315

20 x 365

Single arm cable lat pulls

20 x 42.5

15 x 57.5

12 x 65

9 x 65

Kroc Rows

Amrap x 100


Rear delt cables

30 x 10

30 x 12.5

30 x 15

Rope Hammer Curls

Amrap x 35

40 x max

50 x max

50 x max

65 minutes

Went to see Theo Von last night. Wish I could say it was good but we actually left early. We saw him 3 years ago and his material was the same thing we heard then. He is definitely funnier on podcasts.


You’re going to be feeling that session. Plenty of rowing in there. So you don’t like the HS IL Low Row machine? I like that one. Strong outing for having had 254 beers last night. Now you know how I feel almost every morning in the gym. :joy: During my bike session Wednesday I was listening to Jocko and Echo Charles talk about how bad alcohol is for you and how much it limits you. At one point Echo said something like, “I mean, if you were drinking the night before, you’re not going to be working out the next morning.” I was like, “oh reeeeeeaaaalllllyyyy?” Evidently you’ve never met me before buddy… :thinking: :joy: Nah, I’m sure it does limit your potential but at this point I’m willing to accept that. :man_shrugging:t2:

Never heard of Theo Von. After your review I probably won’t look him up. :sunglasses:

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Thanks Trent. The HS low row just doesn’t fit my body right. I always feel like my knees are in the way and if I put my knees behind me then it feels like the chest pad is going to go through my chest.

I hear you on the beers. I don’t drink often but when I do the last thing on my mind is how is this going to affect my performance tomorrow lifting. :joy:

I guess it depends on what your training is. They both are into jiujitzu, so maybe their training has more serious consequences. Idk. I am sure they enjoy a beer here and there as well. :+1:

Theo can be funny. He just wasn’t last night.

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Saturday cardio
Weight 255. Idk.

That’s it.



Weight 254


20 x 45 per side

20 x 70

15 x 90

12 x 90

Rope tricep

20 x 42.5

14 x 52.5

12 x 57.5

Cable lateral raises

30 x 12.5

30 x 17.5

22 x 22.5

Nautilus chest press

12 x 90 per side

12 x 115

9 x 135

OH Tricep Rope

20 x 52.5

14 x 62.5

9 x 67.5

Pec deck

20 x 250

16 x 265

14 x 295

11 x max (305)

Ab crunch/DB Curls

50 x max/16 x 25

40 x max/16 x 25

60 x max/20 x 25

55 minutes

That’s it. Went a little heavier today to see how it felt.

This damn cold has been ruthless though. Still blowing my nose and coughing up crap.

Hoping this week to finally beat it.

Good to see the old format back!


Solid work today and another excellent pace on that bike ride. Those number on HS IS OHP are phenomenal to me. I usually get like 4 reps at 90 lb PS. Way to get after it! Hope you’re able to kick the crud soon.

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Thanks Trent. Those HS shoulder presses I have to make sure I put the seat low enough where my hands stay shoulder height. I don’t let the weight dip below it and keep good leverage on it. Seems to make them easier.

I hope we are both kicking this crud soon.

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Tuesday Cardio
Weight 253.6

5 minute cool down ride.

That’s it.


Way to get after it on that ride Shane! Still amazed at that pace of 60 minutes. Hell, I’d like to have that pace for 30 minutes. :joy:

BTW- I think I’ve got a used Peloton Gen. 3 bike. Supposed to pick it up tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Thanks Trent. It’s easier to do on a good bike. :slight_smile:

Great deal, hopefully you are able to snag it.


Weight 253.6

Bike 10minutes

Leg press

20 x 290

20 x 310

20 x 330

Hip Abduction

20 x 235 warm up

20 x 265

20 x 280

Hip Adduction

20 x 295

30 x 305


5 x bar

5 x 95

5 x 135

5 x 185

5 x 225

1 x 255

1 x 275

1 x 300

5 x 225

45 minutes

That’s it. Fell down my stairs yesterday morning. They had a thin sheet of ice of them, which was freaking odd as it was 37 degrees out when I left the house. Nasty bruise on my right forearm and elbow where I landed.

Pull day is going to be interesting.


Ouch! Glad you just got bruised up.


Thank you!

It was swift and painful, but I didn’t fall far. :joy:


Geez man, that sucks! That is strange that you had ice at 37 degrees… Hope your arm is feeling better quickly. You still put in a heck of a leg day, that’s for sure! Working up to 300 on squat is no joke! Way to get after it Shane!

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Thanks Trent. Yeah man it was odd. Only thing I can think of is it was a lot colder than that at night and was cold enough to freeze and it hadn’t warm enough to thaw it out.

That was my railing. Those water droplets are actually a sheet of ice.

You can see where I ran my finger across it and it didn’t move any water.

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Thursday Cardio
Weight 252.6

That’s it.

Today’s stair check, frosted over. Skipped them and went through the garage.


Let’s hope it’s just the BW number that continues to fall and not the rig down the stairs!


Great job on that ride Shane! Finally, after all this time, I have a comparable reference for your bike rides. :sunglasses:

Interesting about the stairs. I didn’t realize you were talking about elevated deck stairs. I googled it and if you put some of those traction strips on the stairs it may alleviate that problem. Also, there may be some deck sealers you can use that may help. Very interesting topic. At our house we have brick stairs over an area that was backfilled with soil so that doesn’t happen to us. (Bridge freezes before the road, etc.)

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I broke a toe like that one time. Didn’t realize it was slick, and… whammmm!
Hurt like hell.
On another occasion I took out a miniblind on my mom’s back door. She’s never let me forget it!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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