Shane's Over 35 Shenanigans

Off Day. Woke up in the middle of the night with chest congestion. Test says I am not positive for Covid, so I guess it’s just a cold.

Going to take a day off.


I’ve talked to a lot of people who have that and I think that’s what I’m fighting as well. (My wife has some mild chest congestion) I don’t think we’re planning to test for covid anymore. If we’re sick we’re sick. :joy: Still, the gym may have been a mistake for me this morning as now I feel super run down. You chose wisely.

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Yeah my son was sick last week. Problem is when he is sick he gets out of his bed once I leave the house and goes and hops in my bed right on my pillows. I am surprised I am not sick more often than I am. :joy:

I do the at home covid tests. I work with a bunch of older people and I would hate to bring covid in to them and something to happen to them. If I don’t have covid or the flu I will be at work.

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Still resting. Feel a lot better today.

My wife urged me to go to urgent care last night. Tested me for strep and flu and I passed.

I basically just have an upper respiratory infection. They are giving me a steroid and an inhaler.

I usually do a 10K row on Thanksgiving. I guess I will see how I feel tomorrow, if I feel ok I will try to do something. I have been thinking about doing a longer ride instead of a row. Riding definitely burns more cals.


Hope you feel better soon!

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Appreciate it. I feel better but I am going to play it safe today and take the day off.



Weight 258


20 x 45 per side

20 x 55

20 x 65

20 x 75

Cable Laterals

30 x 10

30 x 12.5

30 x 15 stay here

Rope tricep

20 x 42.5

20 x 50

17 x 57.5

Drop sets to failure

Pec deck

20 x 220

20 x 230

20 x 240 ouch

OH Tricep Rope

30 x 50

18 x 57.5

11 x 65

Nautilus chest press

20 x 45 per side

20 x 70

14 x 90

11 x 90

Ab crunch

40 x max

40 x max

40 x max

55 minutes

That’s it. First workout back. Still a little snotty and a slight cough. Feel much better though. Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

I did 2 birds this year. One smoked and one in the oven.

Came out good.


Great session back Shane! A ton of good work in that session. Sorry to hear that the crud hit you so bad last week. Glad you are feeling mostly better now. Those turkeys look amazing. I smoked one once and it came out tasting like ham so I haven’t done it again since. We fried ours. Way to get after it on the turkeys and lifting!

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Thanks Trent. I use a Traeger turkey mix that is has a good flavor. Brine for 12 hours, smoke for a couple hours and turn the heat up and cook to temp.

I thought about frying my other turkey until I went to Walmart to grab some peanut oil and it was $54.00. Nope, turkey is going in the oven. LoL


Yeah, I forgot to ask how much my wife spent on the oil. Glad I didn’t. :sunglasses: :joy:

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Tuesday Cardio
Weight 257.4
60 minutes

5 minute cool down

That’s it


Hey man. I just wanna say I’ll be over the 35 hill soon, and people like you show there’s no need to slow down!


Nice ride today Shane. Great pace at that duration. Massive calorie dump!

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Appreciate it! The older you get the more important it is that you continue to make exercise part of your daily life. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Trent! I see a lot more 60 minute rides in my future. :sunglasses:

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Weight 255

Bike 10minutes

Leg press

20 x 210

20 x 250

20 x 290

Smith Squats

10 x 135

10 x 185

10 x 225 low bar

10 x 225 high bar feet together

10 x 225 low bar

10 x 225 high bar feet together

Hip Abduction

15, 7 x 270 cramps

16 x 270

Hip Adduction

20 x 305

30 x 305

Single leg KB RDL/Side bends

10 x 45 per leg x 3/25 x 45 x 3

Bike cool down

5 minutes

60 minutes


Hell yeah Shane! Nice leg session! 10x225 on squats is no joke. Especially for that many sets. I like how you switch between high bar and low bar. To me that equals “Terrible knee pain” vs “No knee pain.” They joys of getting older I guess… :joy:

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Thanks Trent. The highbar on the smith machine doesn’t feel as bad on the knees for some reason. I hear you on the joys of getting older though. :joy:

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Thursday Cardio
Weight 253.4
Peloton 60 minutes

That’s it. Today’s ride was a slog. Legs felt like bricks. :joy:


Finally your legs feel like mine! :yum: Bout time you started putting up some more realistic numbers on the bike! :joy: Nah seriously though, I would probably get that pace with fresh legs so you’re clearly better than I am. Way to get after it Shane!

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