Shane's Over 35 Shenanigans

Upper A level




12 x 135

10 x 185

225 x 25


Smith Machine Rows no straps

12 x 225

25 x 275

6,6,6,6 rest pause 3

Nautilus Shoulder Press

12 x 70 per side

12 x 90

5 x 115

Xpload lat rows (no strap)

12 x 115

10 x 135

8 x 135

Metcon x 5 sets

Machine curls x 30

Ab wheel x 20

DB Lat Raise 20 x 25

60 minutes

Decided to go ahead and press through another week. I will deload next. Decent workout today. Fueled by a heavier carb day yesterday. I made pot roast and also had biscuits for breakfast and even had a small bowl of ice cream.

I have decided to take Sunday as a rest day.


Dude save some plates for the rest of us! :exploding_head: Seriously strong numbers on bench and the rest of it. Excellent work. Yeah, I’ve been taking Saturday and Sunday off for a long time now. Usually I hope to do something physical/active on Saturday, but Sunday, I usually do try to keep as a day of rest.

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Thanks Trent. I enjoyed the Sunday off. Going to keep doing it. :slight_smile:

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I really should have taken this week as a deload. LoL

Not going to mention my workout today. It really isn’t worth logging.

My early guy is out this week taking care of his wife so I am opening shop. This puts me going to the gym at lunch time again.

Yesterday we had a dog and pony show with some guest from a potential client. One of their people passed out at my shop. It was a big to do, bambalance, fire department, trip to the hospital. Full shit show. Good thing is he is ok.

Been a long freaking week and it’s only Wednesday.


Damn, that’s a rough week alright. Glad to hear that person is OK. It’s never too late to start a deload week I suppose. LOL :joy:

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Took your advice and did just that. LoL.

Still did a little but nothing worth logging.

Be back tomorrow.


I think It’s usually worth logging anyway. That way when you have a bad day you can look back and see it happens. It’s not the end of the world.


I beg to differ. That metcon was absolutely worth logging! :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2:


I am back this week. Last week was a heck of a week. I won’t go into all of it because it is behind me now, but needless to say I was really damn busy.


Upper A level


251, sat around and ate to much yesterday.

Smith BP

12 x 185

10 x 225

5 x 250

Smith Rows/SS Lat raises

12 x 225/20 x 30

10 x 275/20 x 30

10 x 300/20 x 30

Nautilus Shoulder Press/Hammer Curl

12 x 90 per side/20 x 30

6 x 115/20 x 30

5 x 115/20 x 30

Xpload lat rows/Lat Raises

11 x 135/20 x 30

9 x 135/20 x 30

Ab Crunch/ SS Push ups

20 x 210/20

20 x 210/20

20 x 210/20

20 x 210/20

20 x 210/15,5

Smith shrugs

20 x 365

20 x 405

55 minutes

That’s it. Hopefully this week is going to be a little slower than last week.


I feel like whenever I pause on push-ups like that, people are looking at me and thinking, “that’s it, he’s finally gonna to die…” :joy: Hell of a session Shane. Strong work on Smith bench and everything else. Yeah, sounded like last week was brutal. Hopefully this week is a return to normal. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


Haha. Yep, that last set of push ups was tough.

Thanks Trent. I hope it is also. So far it’s definitely going better.

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Tuesday Cardio
Weight 248
45 minutes
600 ish cals
100 push ups

Well this is going to be another short week. Wife was feeling bad yesterday and tested positive for COVID this morning. Depending on how I feel in the morning I plan to knock out my leg day and play the rest of the week by ear. Right now she has bad body aches, headache, and says it feels like the flu.


hope she feels better soon


Sorry to hear that Shane. Hopefully it isn’t too bad on her and you are able to dodge it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what my son has. He started off with a terrible cough but the fever didn’t start for several days after that. He has been down for the count for two days now. My daughter has a cough too but other than that feels fine. My wife and I each have a little sore throat and mild upper respiratory irritation. Hoping it just goes away but we could be in the same boat as you all. Hope it isn’t too bad for you guys.


Thank you. She is feeling a lot better today.


Sorry to hear that Trent. My son and I are doing good. Idk, maybe we are going to get by with mild symptoms. She is doing a lot better today. I see as of now you haven’t logged a workout so hopefully you guys are doing good.

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Didn’t do anything. I took advantage of being home and decided to clean my garage.

FTP test. Functional Threshold Power
10 minute FTP warm up
20 minute Test
5 minute cool down
100 push ups

This adjusted my Zones back to being more realistic for my level. Also gives me something to train with and improve.


Nice job on the Peloton and push-ups. Glad your wife is feeling better and that you and your son have dodged it. Hopefully those trends continue!

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Thanks Trent. I am hoping so!

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