Shane's Over 35 Shenanigans

Nice job on the elliptical Shane. Solid calorie burn. I hear you on the home gym. It does seem pretty basic compared to a gym. I feel the same way for the most part. I still like being able to do whatever I want without people looking at me or being asked to leave. Like, I would never do an exotic metcon at the gym. I’ll superset things, sure, but I would never do a metcon or any Olympic lifting in there. Not that I drop the barbells at my house either (I bought the cheap barbells that aren’t supposed to be dropped) but I have no doubt that they wouldn’t allow that at the gym. The freedom of the garage gym is nice though, and there is a basic and raw element about it that I love.

No joke on the cold. I guess that’s the one good thing about life flying by so quickly nowadays. Before we know it we’ll be watching the Masters and going to the pool. :joy:

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Thanks Trent. I like my home gym and won’t get rid of it in case I ever have to use it daily again. It’s really basic but it definitely has all I need to get the job done. I really don’t need a gym membership but I enjoy working out at the gym more than in my garage. Change of scenery, more equipment, less monotony.

Yeah, down here it feels like we are either trying to be froze or washed away. Today, it’s washed away.

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Weight 249

Leg Press

20 x 225

20 x 255

20 x 285

Hip Adduction

30 x 305

25 x 350

Hip Abduction

20 x 225

20 x 270

Seated calf raises

20 x 140

12 x 190

Smith Squats

10 x 135

10 x 185

8 x 225

3 x 255 low bar

3 x 255 high bar

3 x 255 low bar

3 x 255 high bar

3 x 255 low bar

20 x 135

10 x 135

Ab crunch (wheel was busy)

Amrap x 190 x 4 sets



30 per leg

Bike 10 minutes cool down.

Those 20 rep squats will definitely bring the hurt. Even if they are light.


Hell of a leg day Shane. Jock was talking about 20-rep squats on his latest podcast (that I was listening to this morning). LOL I agree. Those are some intense sets. Threw in the smith machine I see? Might have to try that sometime. Good looking session brother!

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Thanks Trent. If Jocko likes them, they are a keeper. Seriously though, my legs are toast today. Smith machine isn’t all bad. I have been using it a lot lately.

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Weight 249
45 minutes

17 ish miles.


Great job on that bike ride Shane. Nice calorie burn. I have my eyes on another Apple Watch right now and will probably pull the trigger today or tomorrow. I’ll probably go with another refurbished one from Ebay. I can’t pay $600 for a watch that’s going to last two years or less. Looking forward to tracking burned calories a little more closely. Just a question for you, is yours GPS only or GPS+Cellular? I’m thinking of just getting GPS on this one. I don’t really care about making calls if I don’t have my phone with me and can barely hear someone talking on the watch.

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Thanks Trent. I have the GPS one. I agree, I don’t see any reason to need to pay for cellular on mine. I think I paid 449 for mine new.

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Upper B

Weight 249

HS incline press

12 x 90 per side

11 x 115

7 x 125

XPload lat pulls

12 x 115 per side

10 x 135 1 side at a time

Rest pause

5 x 135

Smith behind the neck press

12 x 95

12 x 115

8 x 135

HS Low Rows

12 x 90 per side

8 x 115

6 x 135

Ab crunch x 180 pounds(less rest pause)


Smith Shrugs (straps)

20 x 275

30 x 355




HS MTS bicep curls

20 x 40 per side

14 x 50

60 minutes

That’s it. Legs are still toasty from that 20 rep light weight set. I need to do those more.


Great session today Shane! Absolutely tons of work in there. Glad to hear that the legs are still smoked from those 20-reppers. :joy:

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Man, I tell you what, it’s rough. Probably going to be Sunday before I am walking right. :joy: