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Shane’s Journal

Sorry to hear the family is sick man. Looks like you’ve been having some good workouts lately. Hopefully it all passes quickly and you guys are 100% soon.

Congratulations on the UGA win. At this point in the season wins are wins and all go to help that end of season ranking. :slight_smile:

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been a few days is your family starting to feel better?


Thank you for all the well wishes. Took the rest of last week off, obviously, and plan to get back at it today.

With me heading to the beach I don’t want to have leg doms for the 5 hour car ride so I am going to run this week backwards and start with legs today. I am on an antibiotic for a sinus infection that I have been fighting for 2 weeks that I thought I had whooped but it kept hanging on. So I finally went yesterday and grabbed some meds to kick it to the curb. With that, I will not be pushing anything to hard this week.


Glad to hear you are doing better Shane. I’m sure that was a tough week… Glad you are getting the sinus infection taken care of too. Smart idea to hit legs early in the week to prevent the achy car ride. I have make that mistake more times than I can count. Plane rides are even worse. :hot_face:

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Thank you Trent.

I guess we do tend to get a little smarter as we age. LoL.

Squats and Legs

Weigh in 254

Warm up bike

10 minutes

Squats 531 (low bar)

5 x 105

5 x 135

3 x 165

5 x 195

3 x 225

1 + 245 (5) (belted)

Isometric Leg Extension holds

10 x 10 seconds low

10 x 10 seconds middle

10 x 10 seconds high

Seated leg curls

12 x 90 easy controlled sets

12 x 110

12 x 130

12 x 130


50 per leg

Hip Adduction

20 x 265

20 x 285

20 x 305

20 x 305

Hip Abduction

20 x 265

20 x 285

16 x 305

18 x 305

Easy session today. Tomorrow I hit chest. Going to hit an early morning workout at the house before work. I have a ton going on at work tomorrow. Customer and vendor meetings stacked one on top of another from 11 AM through the end of the day.


Good looking workout today Shane. That’s definitely smart to hit legs at the beginning of the week…DOMS in the car is no fun at all.

I bet your legs and Hips were blasted after this workout.

Thank you Greg. Yep, my wife wouldn’t be happy with me complaining the whole ride about DOMs otw to the beach. LoL.

Thank you, workout wasn’t to bad today. :slight_smile:

Nice work on the squats Shane. Then a boat load of work after that! Glad you got that done early in the week! :sweat_smile: Good luck with the early morning session brother!

Thank you Trent. Early morning workout was ok. Glad to have it done. :slight_smile:

Chest and biceps

Weight 254

DB Lat Raises

20 x 30

20 x 30

20 x 30

BB Bench 531

TM 205

5 x 95

5 x 135

5 x 155

3 x 175

1 + 195 (10)


3 x 175 x 5

Incline DB curls

12 x 30

15 x 30

8 x 40

Incline DB Bench

12 x 50

12 x 60

12 x 70

11 x 70

Incline flys

12 x 40

12 x 40

12 x 40

56 minutes

Decent workout. Was moving slow today but got it done.


Great looking workout today Shane. :slight_smile: I’ll bet your chest had a hell of a pump after that one was over.

Solid session yesterday Shane. That’s one heck of an upper body session!

Thank you fellas. I am trying. :slight_smile: Been doing more at home workouts this week. I don’t want to catch the plague before heading to the beach. LoL.

Peloton ride
30 minutes
500 ish cals.

10 minute cool down.

That is it. I have 61 rides on my Peloton. Some of those are cool downs so they really don’t count as rides, but I am counting them. Goal is to hit a 100 by the end of the year. This should add one more ride a week than I am currently doing. It’s a lame goal, but something to shoot for to make me do a little extra cardio weekly.


A goal’s a goal, my man—and if it gets you moving, all the better.

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Yeah, I agree with that. :slight_smile:

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It counts. You got on it.


Well that is 2 for 2, I will count them. :rofl:

The Peloton counts them as rides when you look at your ride count so it makes sense and helps to keep it easy to track that way.

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Deads/back and Triceps

Weight 253

Warm up

5 minute row


TM 335

5 x 135

5 x 185

3 x 225

5 x 255

3 x 305

1 + 320 (5) easy set

Bump TM to 350

Lying Tricep DB extensions

20 x 20

12 x 30

16 x 30

Lat Pulls

12 x 100 (home pulley)

12 x 100

12 x 100





Chest Supported DB Rows

12 x 60

12 x 70

12 x 70

50 minutes

That’s it. Kept deads low rep today. 5 felt good. Going to increase my training max by a bigger jump next cycle on these.

1 more workout and then off to the beach. Weather looks iffy. This could end up being two years in a row with shit weather. Hoping for the best but if it ends up being cold and rainy this will be the last fall break beach trip. Move it back into summer sometime.