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Shane’s Journal

No doubt. It’s funny you mention Julio. Every fantasy draft I’ve had for the last several years I have a big X over him. Dude only plays 75% of the season on average. I need more out of my top WR. :joy:

The Panthers tend to do the opposite of what you’re speaking of. They draft for need and then look for all kinds of people in free agency. That works OK but it may take a few years for that draft pick to really pick it up so you are going to suck for a few more years. I like your strategy better. :+1:

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Well work has completely swamped me this last 2 days. We are rolling out new pricing February and getting new quotes sent out is a fulltime freaking job. It doesn’t help that half my front office is out sick with covid. Good thing is this new variant moves quickly and everyone will have got it and hopefully be done with it for awhile.

Working tomorrow to get a big job done, there is a possibility of ice and snow tomorrow night and Sunday. Getting a jump on the week in case we can’t make it in on Monday.

I might play with a KB tomorrow to get some kind of something done.


Life throws you a deload sometimes. Good luck getting it all done, friend. You’ll be back at it in no time.

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Glad to hear that you’re busy Shane! That’s a good problem to have, and like you said, probably a good idea to get some extra work done tomorrow because of Sunday. Way to get it done man. :sunglasses:

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Appreciate it! Yep, life and it’s damn responsibilities sometimes. LoL

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Thank you Trent. It beats sitting in the couch! Blessed to be busy, no doubt about it. Yep, this project has 200 large items requiring finishing and we are 60 into them. At 3 pieces per hour we have a lot hours left to do on this project.

You get the weather right after we get it here usually. Every one will be hitting the grocery stores stocking up like we’ll be snow bound for weeks.

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Yep. Unfortunately, that coupled with the supply issues could leave grocery stores more empty than usual this year. French toast for everyone, at least everyone who shows up early enough to get milk, bread, and eggs.

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Fullbody C

Weight 256.4

Leg press/SS MAG grip lat pulls

12 x 3PPS/12 x 140

12 x 4.1PPS/10 x 160

12 x 5.1PPS/8 x 180

12 x 6.1PPS/6 x 200


TM 145

5 x 60

5 x 75

3 x 95

3 x 105

3 x 120

3 + 135

Pendlay Rows

5 x 175

5 x 195

6 x 205 x 2

Bump 10

RDL/Decline sit ups

12 x 225/10

10 x 250/15

8 x 275/15

6 x 315/15

HS wide chest press/SS Hammer curls

12 x 2PPS/12 x 30

10 x 2.25PPS/10 x 35

8 x 2.35PPS/8 x 40

9 x 3PPS/7 x 45

70 minutes

Got my guys going at the shop and snuck off to Golds gym and got there when the doors opened at 7:00. Good workout. After work I am headed home to fire up the generator and top off my ethanol free 5 gallon tanks. Hopefully I won’t need the generator.


Nice looking session Shane. Glad you were able to sneak away and get that done. Very strong sets. Good call topping off the generator. Looks like the snow and ice will stop just west of here so we will just hangout and enjoy the rain. :sweat_smile:

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I hope it stays north of us. I don’t mind snow but ice sucks! Unfortunately it’s looking like we are just north enough to get hit.

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Weight 258.4 Ate Mexican last night

Good burn today, it was a tough class with some good hill climbs.

It’s snowing outside but the ground is to warm for any accumulation. Temps are going to drop into the high 20s tonight, but I don’t think the streets will freeze.

Made some chili today. Can’t wait!