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Shane’s Journal

Thank you Trent. Thankfully my abs are not sore today. Not sure how I managed that. :joy:

That’s just elliptical. Machines vary but if you are not putting in your weight when you get on the machine than it won’t be as “accurate”. They are not that accurate to begin with, but I weigh 258 and burn a lot more cals than someone under 200 pounds.

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Wednesday Fullbody

Weight 257.2

Warm up bike

5 minutes

Lunges with 15 pound bar

10 per leg x 5 sets

Free motion Cable lat raises

20 x 3rd plate to light

15 x 5th plate

12 x 7th plate

8 x 8th plate

Hip Abductions

20 x 270

20 x 285

25 x 305

Hip Adduction

20 x 270

20 x 285

26 x 305

HS seated chest supported row

12 x 90 per side

12 x 115

8 x 135

9 x 135

Incline cybex BP

15 x 2PPS

5 x 3PPS x 4

Amrap x 3PPS (10)

Add 25 per side

Seated HS shrugs/SS Db curls

20 x 90 per side/10 x 35

20 x 90/10 x 40

20 x 115/7 x 45

70 minutes

That’s it. Lunges were toughest part of this workout.


I remember having this conversation with you a few years ago. Back before I realized you weighed like 50% more than me. It takes more energy to move the extra weight (and I’m not implying that you’re fat). :sweat_smile:

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Nice session today Shane. Man, reading these makes me miss the gym. So many options. I’m really surprised that the lunges don’t bother your knees. They sure bother mine.

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Lunges bothered me in the past but my knees really don’t hurt unless I overload them. Think total weight, not movement. My knees are actually moving better than they ever have since I got that meniscus tear fixed. Its the bone on bone no cartilage that sucks.

Yeah a buddy of mine and me used to walk side by side on treadmills warming up and it was crazy how many more cals I would burn than him with our treadmills set the same speed.

That’s my lower back. I’m good with volume but once I start adding a bunch of weight it’s over… The knees just ache due to activity in general. Ha ha…

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Thursday Cardio/Sauna

Weight 257.4

Stairs of doom
27 minutes
100 floors
500 cals

We had company lunch today. Definitely going to come in heavy tomorrow.


Solid work on those stairs Shane. Shouldn’t have been much sweat left for the sauna after all that. Ha ha… :sweat_smile: Hope lunch was good!

Thank you Trent. Those stairs are extremely effective. Definitely not much sweat left for the sauna. :blush:

30 minutes
Plus 10 minute cool down
600 ish cals

I left at lunch yesterday to head to Nashville to visit family. Up here at my SIL’s house and road their peloton. Did not get a chance to do my Friday workout. Headed to Opryland today to see Santa. Let’s hope I have been good this year.


Walked into the room and my wife had the TV on. A commercial was showing. Hot young thing pedaling away on a "Peloton’! So that’s what you guys are talking about. The equipment I mean, not the hot young thing.

Nice job on the Peloton ride Shane. Glad to hear that you guys made it up to TN safely. Hope you enjoy your trip!

hel320: That’s hilarious about the Peloton. Yep, stationary bike. That costs way more than I can afford. :sweat_smile: I think they are pretty interactive so you can join in classes with people all over the world, etc. I’m hoping Shane buys me one for Christmas! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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LoL. Yep the peloton is nice. I bought it for my wife when the pandemic hit because spin classes at the gym were her “thing”. Sold my rogue bike and it now sits in its place. Like Trent said, you can take classes with other people and it ranks you and keeps track of your PRs. This helps to keep you motivated to try to beat your old PRs.

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Thank you Trent. TN was fun but glad to be back. Ask Santa for one for Christmas. :joy:

Fullbody C

Weight 261

Warm up bike ride

5 minutes

Hack squats

12 x sled

12 x 45 per side

12 x 55 per side

7 x 65 per side hip pains


5 x 60

5 x 75

3 x 90

5 x 95

5 x 110

5 + 125(8)

Pendlay Rows

5 x 135

5 x 185 x 3

Add 10


12 x 185

10 x 225 x 3





Assisted pull ups

Amrap x 3 sets

58 minutes

Going to drop the hack squats and add in BSSs.


Nice session Shane. Strong work on the upper body work and good job throwing in the hack squats (which I hate, LOL). Yep, I asked Santa for a Peloton and he said not a chance. :sweat_smile:

Thanks Trent. I am dropping hack squats, my hip is still giving me grief.

Sorry to hear that about Santa, maybe next year. :slight_smile:


That’s it. Today is my moms birthday and I needed to go pick up her cake at lunch so no time for abs today.