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Shane Carwin...


Not sure if you guys have been keeping up on what this guy has been doing with his time away from the octagon, but he's down to 255, from 285. Thoughts? I'm hoping he'll be a little faster and better conditioned.


I saw the videos, i'm guessing this time he won't get lactic acidosis and i bet he can knock JDS out.


He's going to get KO'd.


it would be nice if you would care to elaborate a bit more


i dunno if that'll help him with JDS....i think if he came in bigger and more powerful, than he could push him around and beat him up. with him dropping weight, i don't know if he'll have the strength advantage (he'll still might, though)... hopefully he's been working his head movement and footwork.

i do think this is a more interesting matchup than JDS and Brock, though....


At some point JDS's fist will hit Carwin somewhere on his face causing his body to go limp.


For the few years I've been watching and sometimes betting on UFC and MMA in general, the hardest thing to evaluate for me has always been how the fighter changes between his fights. In my opinion, this is one of those cases where you just can't really tell how it has affected him, I have never used any roids nor do I posses the monstrous genetics Carwin has, so I don't even dare to think I can really tell how it will affect him.

He might still have nearly all his strength left and be more mobile, faster and have better cardio, or he might just have blown it all by sacrificing his number one advantage, his freakish strength and power in those punches. We won't know till the fight day comes (unless somebody here is training in Carwin's camp), but I'm pretty excited to see how this cut turns out. One thing that's probably for sure is that unless his back is bothering him too much, he is going to have better cardio, but weather he has just tried to change a little too much at once is to be seen...

I know his nutritionist (is that the correct term?) has been saying his diet has only been stripping off his body fat and not any muscle, but I guess thats what they all say, it is probably safe to say though that if its really 30lbs cut he has made it must've took some muscle, maybe so little that it doesn't really matter, maybe more, but yet again, we will find out.


Kind of what I was thinking, just a little more long winded.

JDS didn't KO nelson, so I have some doubts that he'd KO Carwin. Only time will tell. Carwin still has size, I'm guessing strength and wrestling. Advantage Carwin.


JDS hasn't technically knocked anyone out. There's been some tko's against overrated comp, but no ko's. Why people keep hyping his power is beyond me.

Anyway, I'm sure Carwin knows what he's doing. And, his strength and power is something he came out of the box with. I can guarantee if anything is gonna hold him back, it's his recovery from back surgery, not his weight loss. The guy hits like a mac truck, is strong as an ox and has now trimmed down to expand his wind. And, HE'S TWO-HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE POUNDS. It's not like he dropped to 220. If his back's ok he'll crush Dos Santos.


I don't really see this fight ending any differently to what the Lesnar vs. JDS fight would have ended- If JDS can defend the takedown he'll win through sheer technical advantage in the striking, and if Carwin can get him to the mat, JDS will not be able to get back up, and will get pounded on.

Unless JDS has some incredible technique off his back, his defensive wrestling is going to have to be more than stellar to beat Carwin or Lesnar.


ask yourself this when thinking if overream could beat jds or cain. do you honestly think that roy nelson could go the distance with overream. i sincerely doubt it. id say nelson would lucky to get out of the 1st round with his life intact. as far as jds vs carwin, i see jds being a bit to technical. i see a late 2nd round or 3rd round stoppage.


Who brought up Overeem? I agree that Nelson would have his hands full in that one, simply because Overeem is Hyooge and a very devastating striker. But, I think that Nelson would have just as many problems with guys like Cain, Lesnar or Carwin because of their size/strength/wrestling ability. Cain and Carwin also hit like they've got bricks in their gloves.

Overeem vs JDS would be in Alistair's favor IMO, because JDS's best arsenal is his striking, and Overeem is a K-1 champ. So, in theory anyhow JDS would be at a disadvantage from a stylistic match-up in that one.

Overeem vs Cain though might be a different story as Cain's best arsenal is his wrestling. While Reem has steamrolled his way to victory over a few big (read: heavy) guys in Strikeforce lately and won the K-1 Grand Prix in 2010, he hasn't really faced any big, strong, top notch wrestlers. This may give Cain the advantage from a stylistic standpoint in that fight.


Overeem would steamroll through 99% of HW of the UFC, i guess the only big obstacle is named Velasquez.


Cain isn't exactly big and freakishly strong for HW, especially when compared to the Reem. Weather Reem could use that to his advantage well enough, I don't know, but I think it would be a pretty tough and even fight and I'd pay to see that one.

As for the rest of UFC's big names in HW, against Carwin the fight would probably be on of the biggest fucking heavy weight collisions ever in UFC in terms of both fighters mass. Would be great fun and fireworks too, would expect Reem to knock Carwin flat on the floor though, but you never know with Carwin in the cage. Against JDS I think Reem could do what ever he wants, if the kickboxing match isn't going his way he can clinch it up for some uberknees or try to take JDS down and pound him out so I'd see that as a bit easier of a win than against Carwin. Lesnar would run right out of the octagon if he can after the first hit landed, so I'd easily predict Ubereem via steamrolling Lesnars face in to minced meat or raping him and cracking his jaw in to 10 different pieces or more, depending on when ref thinks the man with the dick in the chest has suffered enough. Mir got raped by Carwin, I'd predict the very same thing spiced up with few uberknees to break a few ribs. Even the sadistic fucker in me doesn't want to see Nelson - Reem, Nelson is a funny guy and even though its nice to see him take a few hits every once in a while, nobody really wants to see that fat guy get some serious brain damage or die out there? Schaub, Cro Cop, Nog, Browne, Barry, Struve all would get their face smashed in just as fast as the Reem wants, no need to go any deeper. Tells something about the guy that even though its hilarious seeing Struve get knocked the fuck out in such a spectacular fashion, I don't even want to see Reem sending him flying out of the cage. Don't know if its more the fact that it would be absolutely inhuman to hope for somebodys brain to be smashed in to pudding or that I know he could knock more solid opponents out left and right. I don't know if UFC would let him fight once every month if they would just like him to build up some mind blowing 1st round KO highlight reel.

Not much of a reply to Carwin thread, now that we have Carwin thread maybe we need the Reem thread too so we can discuss horsemeat and such?


We still need to see Reem fight a wrestler.


I think Lesnar would give Overeem a lot of problems. Overeem's takedown defense is probably the weakest link in his chain, and Lesnar has taken all of his opponents down at least once. Lesnar's smothering and top control on the ground is some of the best in the UFC hw division. I don't think people give Brock enough credit. His last 5 opponents were Heath Herring, Randy, Mir, Carwin, and Cain; Overeem's last 5 were Tony Sylvester, James Thompson, Fujita, Brett Rogers, and Todd Duffee!


Carwin lost only fat tissue?

Sure, cause at 285 lbs he was something between 10-15%, let's assume 12%.
That only means that by stripping off pure fat he's now at 2% bodyfat at 255lbs.
Fighters fight all the time at 2% bodyfat.
Especially heavies, who, after the fight, change into speedos and go directly for the Mr.Universe crown.

JDS is still gonna kick those striated glutes!


I lol'ed

that's why he had some bad cramps in the Lesnar fight hahaha


I watched the BUD video's and I didn't like what I saw. I think his nutritionist is border line retarded. They cut 30 pounds from his once powerful physique and while during the process cut back on Carwin's protein consumption. I think he's been adversely effected by both his spinal surgery and the way he lost to Brock Lesnar.

I still think he can beat Dos Santo's but I wouldn't bet on it after seeing those video's.


I saw that too. Carwin said he's cut his protein consumption to 1/5th of what it was. And, he looks significantly thinner than he did against Lesnar. But, Carwin said he's a believer. Maybe he's just doing this for this fight to keep his wind up and be more "fluid" to compete against a smaller, quicker Dos Santos? I was kinda thinking the same as you after seeing those vids, but maybe that's just my inner meathead sad that he's no longer ingesting small cows daily.