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ShamWow Guy Busted For Slap Chopping Prostitute




Ha! I hate that golem looking motherfucker. If you want to sell me a product, at least pick a spokesman who decended from apes, not some kind of lizard.


He always reminded me of Moe from The Simpsons.


Is it me or does it look like he got the worst of it?


She's no normal hooker...

I looked up her address listed on the arrest affidavit and she lives at a 7500 sq ft home that's currently for sale at $1.9 million.


I guess when you're in prison and not making a grand a night, it's hard to pay the bills.


Whats with his mouth,its like he thinks he allways has that stupid mic on his face.


for sure that's a for sure!


You're gonna love my nuts.


I KNEW that guy was greasy as shit. Just knew it!


yeah roger that


Guess she doesn't like shammies...


Even a ShamWow can't clean up THAT mess.


So she's a hooker and bites his tongue, but he gets in trouble for hitting her because she wouldn't release his tongue? WTF?


That's a bit harsh, isn't it? Moe may have run a panda-smuggling operation out of his bar and used a barbed-wire wrapped boxing glove called "The Stinger", but he's infinitely more upstanding and credible than the ShamWow guy!


He does look like he got the worst of it. Did she hit him in the face with a shovel? Cause that's what he looks like.


I believe she was charged as well.


Hate to say it, but she's not bad looking. At least she's best looking prostitute I've seen.


Than you have not seen that many.





They take AmEx.


An escort is not the same as a prostitute. Read the small print...