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Shamrock Opens Can of Kick Ass

sheit, frank mopped the floor with tito straight boxing. I got a lot of respect for both fighters, but i’m going on the side of young age. hopefully wont be much subs.

Kimo took Shamrock down in one of the most boring fights of all time. Tito is a great takedown artist I think he’ll beat Ken the same way he beat Silva. However I think the fight of the night at UFC 40 will be Newton vs Spratt, looking forward to it, also Pride 23 is Saturday, quite a weekend for MMA…

Tito by ref stoppage in the fourth.

pride all the way. ufc sucks dont pay chit.

I called it, awesome event and a great, great fight. Ken was all class after the event too. If you didn’t catch the fight, you really missed out. I was yelling my head off at the TV during the fight, lol.

Bow down Tito haters your hero got owned, not even close his face looked like it hit the dash in a highspeed collision.