Shamrock Opens Can of Kick Ass

Yes, T men. This will be the word on the street in 2 weeks! Can’t wait. Time for Titty Ortiz to eat some kitty litter.

Tito hurt get he will. Oh with the punching and the mayhem and the gouging of eyes. Mr big headed Ortiz looking unhappy as he is getting slapped. Mr. Shamrock with the kicking and choking and dancing around! Oh Lady! Fun, will be.

MBE: " And you want what? Since 1877."


Uh yeah, uh huh right. Was that clear enough? Pot smoking bad, pot smoking bad.

No way shamrock is going to beat Tito. Shamrock is way past his prime while Tito is entering his. Shamrock has turned into a chaunce the last couple of years. Cant wait to see the fight though.

agree 100%

Down with Shitto Opricktiz!!! :slight_smile:

Dream, dream, dream, dream. Oh wait, was that the sound of Shamrock getting grounded and pounded. Tito in one.

I have a lot of respect for Ken Shamrock, but the fact is that he hasn’t won a fight in a long time. in fact, he basically quit right in the middle of a fight against a Japanese guy a year or so ago (don’t remember the guy’s name off the top of my head…) Hate to say it, but I think he’s gonna go down again.

I think Tito will win, but prolly not as easily as his last fights. Even though Shamrock looks in shape, I doubt he has the conditioning Tito has. It’ll be cool to see Shamrock back in the octagon though.

I hope Tito will fight in Pride soon. It would be awesome to see a rematch between him and the current middleweight champion Vanderlei Silva.

char-dawg: the guy you’re talking about is Kazuyuki Fujita - a quite popular japanese pro wrestler. Shamrock had the towel thrown in the ring, because he gassed out.

While there is always a chance he could catch Tito in a leg lock, I don’t think there’s much else he can do. He’s going to be fighting from his back against a stronger, faster, better conditioned opponent. Ken hasn’t beaten anyone decent since 1996 and his opponents in his three victories (Sam Adkins, Otsuka and Brian Johnston) since have a combined record of 9-27. He was beaten badly by Don Frye, despite the split decision and gassed due to heart problems against Fujita. Tito will punish him.

Hmmmmmmm guess I’ve been out of the loop on ultimate fighting etc. etc. But I still hate Tito. I just fucking hate him. I want Ken to beat his ass. But in truth I haven’t seen Ken fight in forever and have seen little of Tito. But I still fucking hate him. :slight_smile:

You certainly aren’t the only one that hopes that. While I hope that Tito wins because I think Ken is about the most over-rated fighter in history I wouldn’t mind seeing Tito lose. Just not to Ken…

I’d hit it.

There’s no way in hell that Shamrock will submit/knock out Ortiz. On the other hand, I don’t think that Ortiz is going to finish Shamrock. My bet is that Ortiz will win a unamimous decision with Shamrock walking out a bloody mess.

Shamrock was not beaten badly by Frye. It was a close decision that should have went to Shamrock. Shamrock was 209lbs for that fight and Frye was 231lbs. Under Pride rules Frye should have been given a yellow card. It was a close decision that should have went to Shamrock because of the 20lbs weight penalty. For some reason Pride announced Shamrock’s weight at 212lbs and Frye’s at 229lbs. But Pride is known for favouring certain fighters. Tito will not be able to take Shamrock down. I don’t think Shamrock has ever been taken down in an mma fight. Tito doesn’t like to be hit and was out struck by little Elvis Sinosic. How is Tito supposed to win when he is going to lose the stand-up game and won’t be able to take Shamrock down? Plus Tito is used to out muscling his lighter opponents but he will not be able to do this against Shamrock. Tito is a heavyweight fighting light heavyweights. According to the Mikey Burnett, Shamrock’s cardio is not going to be a factor in this match.

Chalk it up to perspective then. I thought Don Frye clearly won but I’m admittedly biased so there goes my objectivity. You’re right about the striking though, Ken will eat Tito alive if Tito tries to strike with him. I think Tito will take Ken down despite his abilities, he outwrestled Vladdy. Both Shamrock and Tito’s cardio is going to come into play if it goes into the later rounds and I think Ken will be better prepared. I’m still picking Tito though, mainly due to my bias.

Completely agree with Molsenman…Shamrock has never been taken down to my knowledge and he gave a mucher bigger Frye a hell of a fight. Can’t wait…

F**king Dish Network. Bastards are not showing this fight (called them yesterday). I wish I had gotten Direct TV. Yeah, you have to factor in Shammy’s mentals. When he wants something as bad as he wants this, he is virtually unstoppable.

shamrock never takendown? how about the fights with royce, but i do have to said he has improved a lot since, i think that shamrock has a good chance to win, but if the figth goes to distance he will lose since tito is one of fighters with more stamina that i’ve seen.

Did Royce actually take Shamrock down? I don’t think so but I could be wrong. They obviously ended up on the ground together but I don’t believe Royce took Ken down. He may have “jumped” guard or some form of half-guard but I’d be suprised if he shot in and took Ken down. I can’t recall right now so a little help if anyone knows for sure. That’s what people are calling for Tito to do and I don’t think he will.