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Shameless Vote Whorin'

OK ladies, Elitefts is looking for new authors of training logs, and I want to throw some support behind a good friend of mine.

Kacey is a powerlifter, strongman participant and an all round great athlete. She holds the Canadian record for the deadlift, and was voted athlete of the year from the Quebec Powerlifitng Federation for 2009. She also owns a kick ass gym, with a competition bench, a couple Elite racks, tons of bars and weights, including bumpers, sled and indoor track, prowler, ropes, tires, sledges and various other strength equipment. She trains, mentors and encourages women and men new to strength sports, and is a really nice person to top it all off.

I think having the opportunity to follow her training can benefit any lifter or coach. Since she is too modest to blatantly beg for votes, I’m here doing the whorin’.

Please vote FEMALE SINGLE PLY LIFTER, and thanks!


Interesting that the raw lifters are leading at this time. She’s got my vote!

She got my vote too. She’s an amazing athlete and a great sport.

Not surprisingly, the male category leads in everything.

got my vote.

Mine too.

I voted.

thanks guys, we need a whole lot more, tell your friends, even if they have no idea what PL is ( :

Did she apply? The poll isn’t to see who gets in, but to try to see what category readers of the site want to see.


Jason, yes she did apply, as a single ply lifter.
Of course we don’t know who else may have applied in the same category.
Just hoping enough people want to see that category represented, so she has a shot to have her training published on the site.

I would vote but I don’t know if it would count. Tell Jule’s to straighten me out if necessary.


PS Ok I voted.


Voted and a bump!

Thanks for the bump! Single ply female lifter is not really doing so well as a catagory, so if you can please go vote!

voted again.

got my vote :slight_smile:

Well, the voting is over and it’s been narrowed down to 35 lifters. So I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
Thanks for the support!