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Shameless U.S. Version


Did anyone watch the pilot this week? The English version is hugely successful and insanely funny, I liked the pilot of the US version but it doesn't seem to be as ridiculous or laugh out loud funny.

Either way it looks promising and I'll be keeping a close eye on it!


Am I missing something? Like WTF you are talking about? Is Shameless U.S. Version the name of the show?



Looks funny


What the fuck???

This will never work. Shameless is quintessentially British.


Oh, "Shameless" is the name of the series. I was really confused. I thought you meant that the knockoff of something else was shameless.


If it is as half as good as the original version it will be a success!

I like William H. Macy so it will be interesting to see his take on 'Frank' who imo is a hard act to follow!

I dont know about it being quintessentially British because the basic premise of the show is of a dysfunctional family trying to get by while their drunk e-popping father fucks things up along the way. All of this is done with a huge amount of comedy thrown in and the strong sense of family will appeal to just about everyone.

I will definitely give it a look


Yeah I saw it, for that girl who got naked in it early on in the show.

The rest of the show, however, was spent trying to find more nude pics of that girl.

That's about all I got.


please tell me you found some