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Shameless Plug For My Facebook Movie Group


Do you like superhero movies?

Are you interested in seeing something other than what Hollywood churns out?

Do you have a facebook profile?

Then come on over to my group for "The Photon Effect", an independent movie featuring all new superheroes. On the group page there's behind the scenes photos and a temporary trailer, without the upgraded special effects that are being added now.


Hope to see you there. Make sure to tell your friends!


alrighty, I sent it out to my friends.


Became a fan.


on it


I was going to become a fan, but then I realized I already joined. :slightly_smiling:


Vader...you're a fan of eeeeeeeverything on Facebook it seems :-p


He, PMPM, and I are on a mission to be a fan of every random thing on facebook. It's tough work, but we try. Ooh, just thought of another! BRB....


I joined. And thank you for adding me as a friend.


just joined. looks pretty cool


Chalk up another fan


Couldn't say no to Superman. haha!


Grrrrreat...so now the two of you are going to clog up the 'highlights' feed every time I log on? :-p


I'm a fan of being a fan of everything.


We're going to start making up stuff pretty soon.


Is there a group for that?


We will make one.


HAHA much appreciated. Awesome page!


Whaddaya think the whole point of this was?


Um...stalking! Duh!


Yes, and I just joined it.