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Shallow IM Injections - What Size Needle?

Looking to move from the 25 guage 5/8 needles to an insulin syringe; 29 guage shallow IM protocol. Does anyone know what size the needle needs to be? Is it 1/2 inch? I believe it has to be longer than a regular insulin syringe.

thank you for your help

I’ve been using a 28G insulin syringe with a 1/2 inch needle for many years. It works well for me. i inject into the upper outer quadriceps muscle. I’ve tried 29G, but the draw up is a bit too slow for me. I’ve also did the 25G 5/8 inch needle that my original doc suggested, but I’ve landed on 28G as my syringe of choice.

I’ve found that the manufacturer of the testosterone really matters here. I have had stuff that takes 3 minutes to fill .25 mL with 29 gauge, and other stuff that takes 20 seconds.

IIRC, 28 and 29 gauge needles have the same hole diameter, but the 28 gauge has a thicker wall, so it has a bigger outer diameter. They should draw at the same speed in theory.

You are correct. Pfizer (USA) braded Depo Testosterone is thicker than the overseas Alpha Pharmaceuticals branded TestoCyp. I get my Depo T via script and mix it with the non-scripted Alpha because I am injecting at a higher dose than was prescribed. Also, it makes the injects easier, but I have used Depo T by itself with a 28G syringe and it does work. Just a little slower.

Thanks… so 1/2 inch looks like the only size they come in; 28 and 29 guage. From what I’ve read so far, if you push some air from the syringe into the cyclinder before you draw your dosage, it loads quite a bit faster than it normally would.

After using many different needles, I settled on the 5/8 (3/4”) 25g for shoulder. I draw with a 20g. Works excellent. Tried the insulin syringe, took forever to draw and the needle got dulled during drawing.

Yes, 1/2 inch is the standard length for insulin syringes. If you want a longer needle, you need to go with a 25G,

Regarding 29G, I have tried it and used it successfully, but it is somewhat slower on the draw up. I’ve settled on 28g are the best balance of comfort and speed for my personal use.

Regarding air, yes before you insert the needle into the vial, draw up a volume of air equivalent to the volume of fluid you plan to pull out. This will prevent a vacuum from developing in the vial, which after a while could slow down the draw up.

I’ve read that if you push 1CC into the bottle, it draws faster with 28-29 guage. I use 25 guage 5/8 right now but apparently over time the scarring can be pretty significant. I draw with the 25 and it only takes about 30s… but each to their own. Thanks for the reply.

Thank you… so I guess 1/2" is enough to penetrate the muscle welland the same outcome as a 5/8 in regards to efficacy?

Also, can you still use it in Gluts, Quads, and shoulders? Or am I limited to pinning just Gluts and Shoulders? I don’t really have any body fat so I think I should be ok.

Says who? I keep reading this, but I don’t know anyone that actually has this as a problem. And I am including everyone I know that used PED’s extensively as well as TRT people. This is one of those “Old wives tale” things.

I’ve been using a 5/8” 25g for almost 7 years with no scarring that I’m aware of.

Seems to be a hot topic in some forums. I’ll give the 29 a go… why not, seems like it wouldn’t hurt as much not that it really hurts that much. I still have 25’s if it doesn’t work out.

Interesting… maybe it is a wives tale. Or possibly some people are more prone to scarring.