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Shallow IM Injection?

Just a random question. Is there a wrong way to inject test? I’m injecting IM into the quads with an odd sized needle. ⅞ “. Is it long enough? If not would it fall under sub q? Question is, regardless of the length or depth, IM or sub q, even angle variances, the test is still getting absorbed properly, correct? It’s not somehow wasted? (No leakage visible post injection)

I use a 1" and it works great. I’m sure that your 7/8" is fine. And, no its not wasted.

I personally can easily tell if going into muscle vs fat tissue. As the needle is going into muscle there is more resistance, going into fat tissue only, the needle goes in very easily. Plus I can feel the fluid inside the muscle, very inque feeling.

I think I know the feeling you speak of. Kind of like a slight liquidy pressure slightly cooler temperature compared to body temp. Right?

That’s it, a pressure feeling.

Also I don’t think there’s a whole lot of fat on the top lair of the quads even with a higher body fat percentage.