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Shaky Decline Bench

I rarely do decline bench press and today I attempted to do it. I started out at 155lb and was surprised to find my shoulder extremely shaky. My max bench is 230lb and I’m really curious as to why i shake on decline bench. Which part am i lagging in? Why do i shake in decline but not flat or incline?

Are you shaky in weighted dips?

no, i do them with ease. then again, i didn’t really go too heavy.

From not doing them much weak stabilizers in that move very odd though if you have deen doing dips but its a more stable load then a bar bell decline. Hit some decline DB’s for a bit it should work itself out pretty quick


This is probably from not doing these more frequently.


It hit me. I know why you don’t feel as stable: your feet aren’t on the floor and they aren’t planted wide. You might be more stable and be able to lift more if you flex your quads when your feet are held in place with the rollers.