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Shakira New Video....Amazing


Everytime I think of cheating on my diet, or skipping a workout I watch this. Enjoy.



Is this a joke?

this is the most retarded thing I've ever seen. I doesn't even turn me on.


very nice, how much?


You should get your parts checked then.

Song sucks, but she's so fuckin hot its ridiculous.



I can clearly see your clitoris......through your jeans.


It is a terrible song... but that ass! I'm more of a 'leg man' but when a woman has an ass like that, I want to do rude things to it.

Talking of bad songs with hot women in them, I like how Beyonce is looking in her latest vid. I know people are saying that she's looking a little fat but I just love her legs: black womens' thighs... mmmmmm!


Heard this on the radio a few weeks ago. Like the beat. Her dance moves are fucking ridiculous but her ass is pretty serious.


She Wolf eh? Didn't someone post a link in SAMA about voreaphillia? I'm starting to see the appeal. Spanish version sounds better.


retarded. It seems that more and more people seems to enjoy stupid shit like that.It becomes stupider every year.

Really crappy


It's brilliant with the sound turned off.

Come on, you wouldn't do her in those porn positions in that cage thingy? = sexy time with third best prostitute in whole of Barranquilla.


My man parts are fine. The song sucked ass. And the way she moved was not hot.

Shakira is sexy as fuck. Her ass in amazing, but it looked like she was just randomly squirming around. If you saw someone doing that in public, you wouldn't go 'oh shit thats hot!' Youd do 'wtf is that bitch retarded?'

The Ellend degeneres bendy girl was way hotter


I don't know how any guy wouldn't like that video. Ok some don't like the music I can see that, but I've never scene a sexier music video. If anyone can top this let's see it.


I heard this video here puts lead in Stuntman Mike's pencil.....


Any video with back up female dancers is sexier then that fish flopping on the boat after it's been caught.

and fuck you jared.


Yeah,what wrong with these motherfuckers?? Simply enjoying this hot woman and NOT THE SONG is just fuckin' ridiculous.


i like this song.

and the girl

especially when she howls, its cute


Haha, I have to agree here. Some of her moves reminded me of The Exorcist or some shit. But whatever she's hot and it was a lot better to watch with thrash metal instead.


the retarded way she dances puts me off, if she just stood there I could masturbate to her..


Hahahaha exactly how I felt.


Que Colombianita tan rica!! VIVA COLOMBIA HIJUE PUTA!!!