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Shaking Things Up With a New Split

Trying to shake things up a little with my split, and wanting to hit each bodypart twice a week. I’m thinking of doing a push-pull-legs split, resting, then repeating, but I dunno how much volume to go with; I’m wanting to work real hard for a couple of weeks with a new split, and my main goal is hypertrophy…I’m thinking maybe something along the lines of…

Mon- Back/ Bi’s/ Abs
Seated Cable Row x 3
1-Arm Dumbell Row x 3
Wide-Grip Pulldowns x 3
Reverse-Grip Chins x 3
Dumbbell Curls x 3
Crunch Machine x 3

Tues- Chest/ Shoulders/ Tri’s
Incline Dumbell Press x 3
Flat Bench Press x 3
Cable Crossovers x 3
Overhead Dumbell Press x 3
Upright Cable Rows x 3
Pressdowns x 3

Wed- Legs
Squats x 3
Leg Press x 3
Lying Hamstrings Curls x 3
Quad Extensions x 3
Seated Calf Raises x 3

Thurs- Rest


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