Shaking on Certain Exercises

been training for a few years now but some excersises causes me to shake like a new person might.

for instance, leg extensions, I can do all the plates on it and can even hold the weight in the contracted state for 2-3 seconds, but on the way down my legs are shaking and the machine shakes making crazy noise. kind of awkward.

hanging leg lifts (abs) on the negatives, im shaking. sitting ab crunch machine as well, can do 75% of the machine but on the negatives im shaking.

and its not an extreme effort but the shaking concerns me. I can controll the weight completely. but not sure why. should this be when someone has been training for some time?

  1. why are you using the ‘sitting ab crunch machine’?

  2. this is not unusual. you’re fine.

This isn’t strange. It may take you years to get past that…or you may never get past it at all.

Some muscles are easier to contract than others. I get a cramp in my biceps any time I do a hard biceps flex (like a front biceps pose). Everyone isn’t wired the same.

I dont do ab crunch often…when psychologically I feel like im slacking. you know the feeling. maybe once every 2 months. I get so much ab work from the heavy weights. squats heavy DL. but just giving an example.

AH, X! whats up. same here with the hard flex. basically any muscle I flex really hard it spasms out. ok. just thought its weird. maybe because of the strain but if I can hold the weight in the contracted position, I didnt think it should happen.

cheers guys!

Its not weird bro that means you’re exerting yourself to near maximal levels. Take pride

ok. good to know. cheers buddy!