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Shaking Hands and Legs After Cycle

Hi all.
Few month ago, I was used
test e 500mg/week during 12weeks
equipoise 500mg/week during 12weeks
anadrol 150mg/day during 5weeks
And then complete the PCT.
And after that suddenly my hands and legs extreamly shaking.
Is this side effect of AAS?
What shall I do? Please some advice to me.
Thanks guys.

im not sure but could be a mineral deficiency, like missing magnesium can make ur muscles twitch.

why such a high anadrol dose?

no, that’s not a side effect of AAS. If this is as severe as you’re indicating, seek medical attention immediately.

Flip, I wanted to get your opinion on this, is there a way to PM you?:

I’m looking @ HGH MK-667 (called MK Ultra) and potentially Androstebol. They’re claiming it’s a new formula:

“If the previous dosage of 3mg of androstebol wasn’t enough, this dosage has now been up to 5mg, with the addition of two unique ingredients, which means your gains from androstebol have never been this powerful, up until now:

i) Turkesterol, 75mg - a highly researched insect sterol that studies have shown is the most researched anabolic from the class of ecdysteroids.

ii) Hexadrone, 35mg - a non-methylated prohormone, which requires no conversion into a steroid once consumed and has zero conversion to estrogen, meaning this is a prohormone with less side effects, including gynecomastia.”

Not sure if i can stack together, but consierring as Im looking to out on 10 of lean muscle…I also have RX weight loss medicine, so I can add that in as well🤷🏿‍♂️? Dont know if I can stack or not, or what to take with or after yet?

Curious as to your thoughts on this and what to expect?!!


what the fuck, you’re twitching and shit yet you’re planning a cycle?

Alright, previously I think this stuff was androclostebol, which was a precursor to bolasterone (very strong). Now it’s hexadrone, supposedly a non C17AA precursor to clostebol The replacement for the precursor to bolasterone is a precursor to a progestin/AAS called methoxygonadiene or some shit like that, it’s all BS, don’t fuck around with DS, there’s no research on them. Are you taking stims or weight loss meds, if so, that could be why you’re shaking, otherwise see a damn doctor, no person on the internet can answer why you’re shaking, a severe magnesium deficiency could cause it but fuck man, get your priorities in order.

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Appreciate the advice…but I didn’t put that I’m twitching, not even close. Probably because I’m not. I’m perfectly healthy at the moment.

Nvm you’re replying t the other guy!

Shit, sorry, your avatar was the same colour as the guys at the top, I got confused, advice still stands tho about not messing with designers.

wait a second. Insect hormones? is that a thing now? What a time to be alive.

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You can also take fish testosterone (11 ketotestosterone)… The primary fish androgenic hormone yeet

But why? do they synthesize it or its extracted (super expensive)?

You can buy it as a research Chem, a precursor to 11 ketotestosterone (11 ketoandrostenedione) was/is sold OTC as a supplement. Because apparently fish testosterone is better than… Human testosterone… I’d rather take human test anyday lol. It isn’t to say these metabolites aren’t found in humans, just not in large quantities, 11 ketotestosterone can be found in trace amounts for humans while for many fish it is the primary androgenic hormone. It’s synthesized, not extracted

Maybe Johnny Bravo was ahead of his time, he once sprayed himself in pig Hormone to attract girls

Ehhhhhh I wouldn’t take it. I’m not interested in things that haven’t been on the market for more than few years. There are just sooooo many good, proven choices out there. Why go with something unproven?

Also be careful about combining weight loss meds and steroids in general. That can be tough on the heart. If you are going to run steroids, I would personally recommend coming off the weight loss meds first, particularly since you said you’re trying to add muscle right now.

If you’re absolutely set on just running an oral cycle, I would go with either anavar, dbol, tbol or epistane. Those are 3 steroids that have a proven track record, not overly toxic, and are low on side effects.