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Shaking Hands and COVID?

Long time germaphobe here. Today while i was working i noticed a trucker driving up a road that has a low hanging bridge. I said that guy is going to get stuck so waived at him to stop him. I told him about the bridge and helped him back up. He was out of his truck as i explained how he should go about doing this…he entire time i was keeping my distance because of the covid situation. At the end he reached out and out of habit i shook his hand. He had driving gloves on and i said oh crap. I quickly got into my car and poured sanitizer on my hands and went through several cycles of this. I then wiped my face down. I have several at risk people in my life so i am sort of freaked out. After this interaction how worried would you guys be ?

Not worried. Don’t touch your face and use hand sanitizer to disinfect. It’s one interaction. Think about how much worse going to get groceries is.

All you can do is try and limit your exposure. You cannot feasibly eliminate exposure. You did the right thing.


I wouldn’t be too worried. I work in the trades and do my best at social distancing, but others around me aren’t as courteous. I did the same thing a week ago and shook hands out of habit. I also work in the higher risk areas in the city, touching doors and and shared equipment all day. I don’t get many chances to wash or sanitize my hands, but I try not to touch my face while on the job. Still haven’t had any signs of getting the virus. Hopefully that doesn’t change!

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As soon as the guy started talking i realized he was way too close to me. I backed up and pretty much kept backing up as he was talking. I was more concerned the guy was one of those people who spit when talking. I am probably being way too paranoid…

If it was outdoors, he showed no symptoms and he was close for less than 15 minutes then not very worried.

Yup. Treat close social interaction like heroin, for now. You could be fucked from doing it just once. But the real risk is from consistent exposure, so don’t make a habit of it and avoid it if you can.

Not worried at all. The chances this trucker has it are very small.