Shaking During Movements

I’ve been doing hip mobility and strength work so that I can begin squatting and deadlifting again. I am doing Mike Robertson’s workout from his Hips Don’t Lie article and my core is strengthening up. I still shake like hell when I do heavy tricep pushdowns and also when I did leg extensions during a previous bodybuilding workout.

Also when I sit straight up in bed in the morning and when foam rolling my lumbars with my arms across my chest. It seems to be in this bent-over or slightly bent-over position. I think it may be my rectus abdominus? Has anyone dealt with this before and if so what did you do?

I tore my LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament) a few years back, and for a year i didn’t do a thing with it I noticed when coming down stairs on my left it was shaky as grandma in snow blizzard. Finally I made my way to a orthopedic surgeon who had me get a ultrasound and MRI.

Once all checks were over what had happen was the outside CL had become Tight to make up for the other which had become loose. 3 Months physio a lot of specifically designed stretches to stretch that outside ligament and my hip flexors, as well as moving on to one legged squats eventually fixed it up.

So i have experienced something similar also. Current have it when i do light weight bench warm up but i don’t worry about that cause when i get to heavy it isn’t there