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Shaking, Chills... Reaction to ghrp-6 Shot?

hi all

I do 100mcg x 2 a day of ghrp-6 for a total of 200mcg a day. been on for 5 days now.

did 100mcg of ghrp-6 at 1am before bed, sub-q into mid-upper abdomen. 45 minutes prior ate chicken breast rice and tomatoes, as well as ZMA. Casein and milk shake 30 min after doing ghrp-6. woke up at 3:45 am with uncomfortable and unstoppable shaking and chills. felt really cold even though I had blanket wrapped around me.

got up, went to bathroom and had some fast acting carbs cause I thought it might be a hypo reaction (not likely tho cause im not hungry at all and i havent experienced extreme hunger/hypo feeling at all since starting ghrp-6??). heart rate seems normal. some redness as well as soreness to touch at last injection site - wasn’t originally concerned cause i seem to get lumps once and awhile from the BW i presume.

at 4:20am i felt a bit better, not shaking nearly as much and starting to feel kind of normal, but back is sore and have slight headache. was almost thinking of going to emergency when i woke up though. any advice?

i had a prolotherapy treatment done on tuesday (it is now early friday morning) and one of side effects can be infection from the multiple needle injection. could an infection originating from then show up now?

i just woke up and its 7:30 am and I don’t feel as bad although I still feel really shitty and im really hot all over and it feels like i have the flu. im going to the GP today

well for those of you that read this today, i just got back from emergency. they took numerous blood tests and didn’t find anything. and then the person who i was recently living with told me that the other roomate in the house and his girlfriend just came down with the same thing. so its probably an actually virus rather than an infection from the ghrp.

the shitty news is that they checked my heart on the account that i told them i was taking a growth hormone secreteaogue and they found some worrying irregularities with it , probably hereditary. kind of sucks.

Talk about a bad day!! Hope things take a turn for the better :wink:

Heart irregularities are actually rather common, and many are not actually “life-threatening,” per se. For example, my mom has a “heart murmur,” which she was diagnosed with when she was quite young. She is now nearing 60 and perfectly fine. However, this is classified as an “irregularity.”

If something is genuinely wrong, however, you should be thankful that this episode served to uncover that.

I hope that nothing at all is wrong, of course.