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Shakey Arms Whilst Training

I was wondering why it was that I woud get shakey arms whilst training. Yesterday I had a chest day, and whilst doing incline and flat bench bumbell press my arms were shaking, yet I did not find the weight hard to press. Is this possibly because I took time out from doing dumbbell press, is it that my other muscles (stabalizers) are not strong enough, or is it perhaps that I’m not getting enough water. Yesterdays workout I had a bit less than 2 litres of waters. Any comments welcome.

2lb Monkey. Btw, how do I put up a picture for my avatar, as I couldn’t seem to do it when on my profile.

This happens a lot with people new to lifting weights. It’s usually because your nervous system is not yet “tuned in” to lifting weights. In fact, the first several weeks or months of weightlifting gains for a newbie are related to the nervous system.

This will go away in a short period of time as long as you continue to workout with weights and slowly increase the weight while keeping good form.

It could definitely be because of weak stabilizers. Have you been using machines for pressing? This can make you very strong in the actual pressing motion, but very weak in being able to hold the weight. One of the many reasons why free weights are better.

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Thank, I don’t use machines much, but I thought it was that I was new to dubbell press, so I gues a few weeks down the road I should be ok.

I had previously done dumbbell press, but didn’t like the shaking, I shall indure the shaking. Today is the day after my workout, and I;m surprised at how worked out I feel from them, dips and push ups, for the chest, so I shall definately continue with them.

Thanks for helping with the avatar, I tried clicking on add/edit profile but didn’t seem to go anywhere. I think you can now see my avatsr, a monkey. Quit fitting.

The shaking is just your muscle control software not being trained and efficient in the movement yet. It’ll go away.

I can see your avi. they take a while to show up after uploading, usually.

I’m onboard with the “not used to it” guys. Lifting is a skillset that like anything else takes time to master. Dumbbell pressing movements are especially indicative of this.