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Shakeweight Fitness Class! KTLA



How about that Planet Fitness huh?


Why couldn't it be three minutes of that chick in blue "working out"?


freaking hilarious


that one dude dancing with the shaekweight is having a bit too much fun, and the chick in pink can use my little white one any time she wants!


The black news anchor guy only used his right hand to shake it in a very particular way......????


My first instinct was to post a PF commercial, but this was actually pretty funny.


circle jerkel


I dunno who's trolling who anymore in that video...


Hey Meni is this about your job again?


We'll both have to stay on our toes for the next wave of PF/SW ( I want to shorten it to that) threads. They seem to come every 3 to 4 months.




i need some shake weight.


btw did you guys see the sales? 40 millions in revenue that's simply absurd for something so pathetic. I guess people are finding other uses for it.


We have all been epic trolled


Yes I sell.... Shakeweights! $19.99 plus $4.00 shipping, and i rebill you every month for $19.99, and when you try to cancel online you get an error message, and when you call, you get put on hold. Average person billed $80 for 1 shakeweight, i'm rich!


she seems like fun, LA chick, beasties shirt, probably good at something




Funniest thing I've seen in months.


you'll be glad to know, i'm the brains behind the billing of SENSA that pixie dust we say helps people drop lbs, yeah, using the old porn site model of rebilling, i'll be in a mansion soon! youporn might have killed porn site billing, but now idiots buying health products are the next target!