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Shakes Only?

What are everyones opinions on only drinking shakes throughout the day?

I think it’s a viable option for fat-loss phases, a la the Velocity Diet. But, I wouldn’t recommend it for bulking, or even maintenance. Too much of the good stuff in solid foods.

[quote]D-Rock112 wrote:
What are everyones opinions on only drinking shakes throughout the day?[/quote]

I am all for it…it helps me wash down all the food I’m eating.

There used to be a diet on T-Nation (might still be around) called the “MRP Diet”. The pros? It was a simple diet - little planning and preparation. The cons - it was expensive and you had to stomach shakes all day long.

My advice is to do whatever it takes to meet your goals (in this case, dietary goals). If shakes are the answer, go for it.

However, in my opinion, and all-shake diet falls into the “extreme” category which, for me, do not fit into long-term health and fitness goals.


I think they are awesome if you have a fast pace job, it takes two minutes to walk to a water fountain, fill your shaker bottle and drink. This way you keep yourself anabolic and you can always make it up with a big breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I think it shouldn’t be done for too long. Shakes don’t have the best overall balance of nutrition. Yes, they are full of protein, but usually not enough good fats, fiber, or minerals. Plus you’ll probably find that you will frequent the bathroom way more than you’ll like.