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Shakes Not Going Down As Easy As Before

I’ve been using Metabolic Drive Low Carb for about two months now, rotating through all the different flavors every week. In the beginning, it all tasted great. Now on my second rotation of the flavors, it seems to disagree with my taste buds less and less. I had a hard time finishing off the last container of strawberry, nearly gagging unless I mixed it with super cold water, otherwise the flavor seemed too strong.

I moved onto the chocolate, and it just tastes way too sweet for me now. I’m mixing two scoops with 16 oz of water, three times a day in between solid meals. Am I the only one who has gone through something like this?

Go buy some Myoplex. After one sip of the sewage Metabolic Drive will be like nectar of the Gods.

And you’ve never gotten sick of regular foods you eat every once in a while? Its all just personal taste man. Especially something you taste as often as protein shakes.

Try a different brand of powder for a while, or mix shit in to make em better. Instant coffee+cocolate = mocha. Cinnamon or chai mix + vanilla = delicious. peanut butter is great with everything. add splenda, add lemon juice, use natural flavor extracts, whatever. There are options man, just be creative.

I find I go through this once or twice a year, I generally go off protein powder for a week or two then back on it

mix and match them

honestly i could not have gotten through the vdiet if i had not started mixing them together. chocolate+strawberries is pretty good for starters . . .

I mix Metabolic Drive with Grow! whey in the morning. Also, try mixing it with calorie countdown milk… I’ve mixed them, choc and van, and the such with good results.