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Hey Luc, I’m terrified of a biceps tear, the US has ridiculously expensive health care & I don’t have insurance. Sooooo I go double over hand. No chalk yet, but I think I’m going to get some. I have no problem moving the weights I use but my grip fails first on the regular. One day I’ll have both insurance & air tools haha.

Ok deload stuff week, but not deloading squats. Skipped my 531 squat day Sunday cause gym closed early for Xmas Eve.

No elliptical, there was a guy on there who smelled like a sack of rotten armpits & I couldn’t do it.

Bw squats x a pump
110 goblets x 2 x 10

Back squats
165 x 5
185 x 9fail 10. Was planning on a 20rep set but claaaang.
185 x 8,8,7

Worked up to 120 x 1
95 x 5

Pullups x 3sets

Pushups & dips 1 set ea

Curls for the girls.

4k calories, thank you all you can eat tacos.
Woke up at 191 on a ‘different’ scale for whatever that’s worth Gonna gain till about March 1 then diet till about June 1.


Yeah I’ve heard healthcare there can be a bit pricey, private health here is expensive but we also have Medicare paid by tax, which essentially only costs us a 10 buck gap to see the doc, unless he bulk bills, so I guess we are very lucky.

Grab some chalk mate, it does wonders for the grip on deads, I used to go double overhand too and switched to a mixed grip for 140kg and over.


Doesn’t do mixed grip deads due to fear of injury.

Fucks up rotator cuff pushing around 2" of snow.


Right shoulder is fukked pretty good. I’ve had rotator cuff issues since I was 12-13 from over throwing a baseball. I don’t know if I’ve ever had this much pain associated with it. Started hurting day after Christmas & pain is subsiding somewhat & I can sort of use my arm but no way I could press anything. Wait & see medical plan in full effect.

Warm up on the elliptical, stretch on the floor.

Deadlift space was taken so was going to do some goblet squats to get loose while fellahs finished up.
Bw squats x a pump
100lb goblets x NOPE shoulder told me to fukk off

Deadlift deload. No chalk yet but I’ll grab some before my next deadlift day. Deads put no strain at all on my shoulder.
225 x 5
275 x 3
335 x 1
355 x nope. Failed 2-3" off floor. Probably psyched myself out 335 moved pretty fast & snappy.

Chest supported tbar
70 x 6
70 x 8
60 x 10 no drop sets prob 60-90 sec rests

Seated cable rows narrow grip
3 x 12

Grilling a steak at ~5deg :wind_face:


Ouch, hope that shit gets better soon,


No more shoveling for you! Hope it feels better soon.


Hey there. I was just skimming through you log and came across this. Have you ever considered hook grip?


Man, I feel for you. I’ve had a bum shoulder for 15+ years myself due to men’s softball and throwing from center field. Take some time to heal up and/or get it repaired. I’m finally going to be getting an MRI on mine to see what they can do about it.


@I_Luc, @ChickenLittle, thank you for the love. CL, it’s on me to move the snow under 6", so pray for rain or blizzards this winter

@ouroboro_s Never tried hook grip, it looks like arthritis to me haha! My thumbs have been in & out of place a few times (baseball & basketball) & are lumpy & creaky as is. I’m down try it on my warmup sets though & see how it goes. To be honest I’m excited just to get some chalk. Eeeeevvvreeeeyy once in a while there will be a bar with someone else’s chalk on it at my gym & it always feels better.

@cdmac24 this guy gets it lol. I’ve made it sore before, but usually I can point to an instance where I “did it” This time it just kinda started hurting with no real reason as far as I can tell. I knew a guy in my early 20’s who was in his mid 50s when he had his rotator cuff scoped & he raaaaved about it. Been on my radar since then. I’m seriously shooting for a medi-vacation somewhere like India or Costa Rica to have my shoulder cleaned up & my acl done. It’s feeling better day by day, I was able to put on my seatbelt without teeth gritting pain as of yesterday.

Damn so taking pics for t-ransformation was humbling! Woke up at 187 & my lack of work the last few months is showing in the pics. Today is a new day.

Elliptical, good stretch. Gym packed at 630 with yogapanted wormens looking to work off the holiday fifteen. Love me some winter!

BW x a pump
Bar x 10
135 x 5
175 x 3 paused
205 x 1
175 x 20(21?) Weight was just right cause at 14reps I started questioning the decision to do this :grinning:

Pullups to chest cause pull-up handles on rack straddle a floor beam (joist?) Basement love.
Going to try to get to 10,9,8,7,6,5

Close grip lat pulldowns
4 x 10

Tricep rope pushdowns
Warmup set of 10
Up a plate then 9,7


Ok goals for 2018. Similar to goals for 2017, just taking a bit longer.

Squat 245 x 20
Deadlift 405
Ohp own 135 the way I own 95 now. Call it 135 for 7+
Bench would be nice to press 225 for a few reps but it’s the least important to me.

Veins on my abs in summertime. Depending on how well the transformation goes & where I am in regards to my strength goals, this might be upped to veins on my quads in summertime :wink:


Reeeeaaallly had to force myself to get to the gym today. Just wasn’t feeling it all day. Till I got there.

Elliptical stretch hammies a bit.

135lb rdl x 6
Butt fired back extensions 2x6

275 x 5
315 x 3,3,3,3,2
Wanted 5x3 but last rep of last set was kinda slow & I was losing the bar a bit near lockout. Felt kinda strong today for most of the work. Snow kept me away from Modell’s so another week w/o chalk. Didn’t try hook grip yet either. Honestly I’m just happy I showed up today. My bloody shins would rather I’d stayed on the couch tho.

Ohp not trying to lose the progress I’ve made.
Bar x8
85 x5
95 x8,8,6p8
Shoulder felt very good doing these.

Tried a set of light weight on dadip machine, shoulder didn’t freak out but didn’t like the movement either, so I shut it down.

Been listening to more beats than usual.


Sometimes some of the better days are when you start out not super into it.


I’m learning that :slightly_smiling_face: Seems like it’s more important to just show up rather than ‘want’ to show up.

531 squat day

Elliptical, little bit of stretching.

Rack occupaddo so did a few sets of butt fired back raises & a few sets of bw squats to stay loose.

5s week TM 235
Bar x 7
180 x5
200 x7fail8. I thought after 7th rep I for sure had an 8th. Clang.
135 from safeties to rerack
175 x 15,10,10

Some OHP which I should have skipped. Shoulder felt sore right after.
85 x8



Forgot how busy gym is in January.

Elliptical, good long leg stretch.

Rack occupaddo so whatever. People in my gym don’t train legs hard, I’ll be squatt’n in 5-10min. If they do it’s on legpress & hammerstrenf machines. Welp. These 2 do. They worked up to singles of 385 (cough…cough…shallow…cough) which is the most I’ve seen at my gym so I was cool mirin a bit & staying loose.
Bw squats x a dozen
60lb goblets x a pump - light enough to not hurt my shoulder heavy enough to force me to stay tighttighttight in my abs & upper back to keep the stress off my bum shoulder
Butt fired back raises x 2 x 5
Hacksquat mach empty x 4-5
90lb hack squat x 2 x 3
(SpongeBob narrator voice) 20 minutes later…

135 x 5
185 x 3
235 x 1
185 x 20
2min rest
135 x 10 rapido, caught 2-3 breaths at 6


Shouldn’t have done the set of chins felt it in my elbow a little. Saw a guy deadlifting with 495 on the bar today too. Didn’t see his set but the most I’ve seen pulled at my gym (family type gym, but lots of equip & dumbells to 225. Just 1squat rack tho…) prior was 4plates & some small change.


Elliptical, stretch glutes hammies & hip flexors

Butt fired back raises x butt pump cause girls & I was wearing shiny basketball shorts

135 lb rdl x 5

275 x 5
295 x 3
315 x 3x5sets

80 x6
85 x5drop
75 x5drop
60 x5drop
45 x7?8? Whimpering

95lb DB rows

DB curls
25’s x 13
30’s x shoulder says no thank you
50 lb fixed bar x 10
45bar hands together x 8?9?

Had me a back & biceps day, now gonna pull a chuck roast out of my Crock-Pot. Noticed that I have a bad habit of doing deadlifts with a kind of false grip with my thumbs on the bar not around it. Consciously wrapped up & squeezed the juice out of the bar today & felt no grip slip till the last rep of the last set & even that was a good lift (locked out & controlled weight back to the floor).


531 squat day
Spinbike, stretch, eeeaasssyyy shoulder dislocates.

3s week, tm 235
Bar x 8
135 x 5
190 x 3
215 x maybe 8 more likely 9. Felt good today
185 x 12,11,10

75 x 8
85 x 8,8, 6push8, 5p8, 6p9
Bar x 12

Pullups on lean back rack



Elliptical stretch moar eeeeeaaaasssyyy dislocates.

Bar x 10
135 x 5
185 x 3
215 x 2
245 x unrack, walkout, stand around, rerack
195 x 14 clang on 15. 20rep failure
135 from safeties to rerack
195 x 10, 7fail8. 3x10 failure
Ugh. Enough failure. Time to pump up.

75 x 10
85 x 9p10, 7p10, 6p10
Bar x 18

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 sets after the 5 done with ~15-30sec rest/pause. Hard sets to get were 8&7, it’s probable I did extra reps on the tough sets cause I lose count when working hard sometimes. Right into…

BB curls
65 x 8-10?drop
Bar x 8-10?

Tricep pushdowns
11, 10, 8drop

Wake up steady at 187. Gotta eat more, I hate clanging on squats & wanna be bigger.


Oooooooh… You left yourself WIDE open!


If it worked like that I’d be on the #roadtoSHW lol



Elliptical cut short cause the preworkout was coursing thru my veins. Glute & hammy stretches.

135 rdl x 5 x 2sets

275 x 5
315 x 5x3sets
If I was in a 5rep powerlifting meet, the last rep would have probably not counted but since no such fed exists, I’m counting it.

70 x 8
65 x ?drop
50 x 5drop
35 x 15ish probably 12-13 good & some cheats

Close grip pulldowns
10, 8, 9
-1 plate
Done slow & Squeezy. Held tight after last rep on each set, partial rep before dropping weight stack

DB curls
25s x ??drop
20s x ???

Preacher cable
10drop -2plates


Elliptical & watch the end of the new/jax game

Stretch, third world, 60lb goblets

Squats 531 & screwed it up a bit
185 x 5
210 x 3
225 x 6fail7
195 x 6,6,6

85 x 8, 7p8, 5p8, 6p8

Pullups supersetted in with 85lb presses