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Shakes n' Steaks


It’s a tough day when our furry friends have to leave. Best of luck


Hang in there


@I_Luc, @bulldog9899 Thank you fam. I’m O35 & fancy myself a dog whisperer, so not my first rodeo. I’ve never had to make the call on a dog I had so long, but he was hurtin & it’s our responsibility to take care of them even when that’s tough to do. He lived a great life.

Ok back onnit. Press day.

Elliptical stretch for a bit.

Bw squats x a pump
105db goblets x 5, 25
Bring on the 110

Press 3’s tm 115 all w/u & 531 sets cleaned from floor
Bar x 8
65 x 5
95 x 3
105 x 6push8
95 (cleaned) x 5 push7
Pullups x 8
95 (from rack) x 5 push 8
P/u x 8
95 x 5push7
P/u x 8
95 x 4push6
85 x 5push8, 5push7

Low incline DB’s
55s x 8,7,6

DB rows
95’s x 3 x 9
Looking at moving to hundos when I can get 3 x 10

DB curls dropset style
35’s x 10?12?
30’s x 10
20s x till I was whimpering & biceps were pumped like my Reeboks


Turkey Day!

Elliptical, stretch.

135lb RDLs x 2 x 6

Deads 3s TM 345
225 x 5
275 x 3
315 x 4 & grip was going would have probably lost 5 if I tried it
275 x 3x5

35 x 8
70 x 6
80 x 8drop
60 x 5

Pulldowns 10plate x 10
Pulldown/dip supaset 1min rests


Hey now a day feeling strong! Possibly a side effect of the strongest guy in the gym also in there lifting today. Possibly :wink:

Bike hard, like 8min pushing a spin bike & 60sec up outta saddle climbing. Quad puuump. Stretch, hollow bar dislocates, dumbell shoulder greasers, scap only fupu’s, plyo fupu’s.

Bench 3’s TM190
Bar x 8
95 x 5
155 x 3
170 x 7 & definitely one, maybe 2 left. Barspeed, last rep like first, blah blah lol.

80lb DB rows x 10

145 bench superset 95lb DB rows
9fail to lockout by 2-3"on 10th/10

DB curls
25s x 10
30s x 10
35s x 5?
25s x whimper

Been walking, been eating ~3k daily. Sleep has been below average most nights for last month since headaches started. Headaches are mostly over, one Excedrin in last 4-5 days. Hav not been weighing in the morning but I weighed 194 in sneakers & jeans & a tee last night so I doubt I’m loosing weight haha.


So sorry. He is going to look like a total bad ass with angel wings tho :rainbow:


Hiya CL! :grinning: How you doin, any better? Yeah he’s in heaven if there is one for good dogs. Most loyal dog eeevveerrr.

Kinda a shit day in the gym today. Terrible sleep, had a halfa breakfast, 2hrs in the car & 3hrs in a bizzness meeting. Skipped my preworkout 600cal weight gainer hoping a big turkey melt lunch would be enough. Nope. Anywaaay.

Bike a little, skipped static stretching & that’s usually how shitty squat days start. Note to self, don’t skip stretching before squats.

Squats 3s tm245
Bw x a dozen or so, left hip flexor was tight. Sometimes it cramps while benching, yesterday felt pretty good tho.
155 x 5
195 x 3 bum knee started feeling sore somewhere
220 x 4fail 5. Got heavy, mind wandered, clang.
185 x 4x8

Probably keeping same training max for squat next cycle. 2 shitty days in a row. Oh well I’ll take out my frustration on the 110db with some goblets on Tue.


Press 1s TM 115
Elliptical, stretch, get shoulders loose. I guess I agrivated an old injury to my left shoulder on bench day last week. Wasn’t a specific point during lifting that I remember hurting it but fukk it’s been sore since that night. ~7yrs ago I tried to quick grab my buddies xxl pitbull when he went after my other buddies schnauzer-jack. Yes the lildog started it lol. Anyway I pulled/tore something but it healed & never bothered me again till last week after benching. Tough pain on top & front of the joint, bout where the clavicle becomes shoulder & the front delt attaches. Gotta take horizontal presses easy for a bit. Right (crunchy rotator cuff since I’m 12-13) shoulder & right elbow (tendonitis from too many pullups & holding front rack for front squats) both feel pretty good so that’s a positive :roll_eyes:

Bw squats x a dozen or so
110lb DB goblets x 5, 15,15

85 x 5
100 x 3
110 x 3fail4push4
95 x 5push8, 5push8, 4push8, 4push8
85 x 6push10
Smacked my chin with a push press early on, finished the set & presses. No blood no foul.

Low incline DB’s
55’s x nope. Shoulder huurrrtin, couldn’t get them up into position
50s x 8,8,7 each set finished with an ass up rep.

Super wide grip pullups
Not as wide but still angled grips (feels better on elbow) x 7

Seated rows narrow grip 10plate
12,10,10 finished each set with a hold-n-squeeze

Standing DB curls. Someone er…borrowed?? the 25’s so started with 30s for 6reps then dropped to 20s for a burner set till failure with left arm. Right arm could’ve kept on goin.


Took yesterday off as I was messing with my car most of the previous (off) day & didn’t eat right sore shoulder blahblahblah. Was starting to make excuses for skipping today too, same shit -didnt eat enough sore shoulder, I’ll just pound out a dog walk blahblahblah. Fukk that, just show up.

Elliptical, little stretching.

135lb RDL 2X5

Deads 1’s TM 345
225 x 5
245 x 3
255 x 5
295 x 3
325 x 6 probably a solid rep left to go too.
285 x 3x5


Haha, stuffing around with the car can take copious amounts of time, busted knuckles and usually results in plenty of drinking which is a bad day for lifting, especially when it never goes to plan and other shit breaks in the process. Been there many times.


For sure Luc :grinning: I didn’t cut or bruise myself this time, but that low back pump!! Did the thermostat on a mk4 golf gti & got it done in ~3hrs. Shop guide calls for 3.5hrs billing & it’s my first time under the hood of this car so I’m pleased. Cleaned up the throttle body as a bonus. Not bragging or getting a big head as my first go round with working on this car was brakes & that took me 3 DAYS to do a job that called for 3hrs in the book lol.

Skipped bench day last week cause - shoulder (bursa sac inflammation is my self diagnosis). Skipped squats cause - life. Ready to get back on the horse.

Elliptical, light leg stretches.

Bw squats x a dozen
Few min in an unweighted 3rd world squat rolling on my hips & ankles just a bit
110db third world hold ~20-30sec tight like a white.
110 goblets x 5,15,15

Ohp 5s TM 120 (effectively 125 as I was rounding up)
Bar x 8
90 x 5
105 x 5 push7. Gonna follow instructions & round down going forward.

75lb ohp supaset with lean back pullups

All done. Going to try to lighten up the assistance & supplemental stuff for a cycle or 2. Being o35 is a (creaky) learning experience. Woke up 186.5 today.


Anutha day anutha dollah.

Elliptical, stretch hammeees baby please.

135 rdl x 2 x 5

Deads 5s tm355
185 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 5
305 x 10 felt strong
285 x 3x5 shrugs & squeezes last rep

75 x 6
80 x 6 (4 full reps)drop
70 x 4drop
45 x 7

Dips supaset w/lat pulldowns 60-90sec rest

25lb DB curls palms turned out, resting dumbell in contracted position not stretched x 1set till left arm needed to cheat.


Today wasn’t fun but got er dun.

Elliptical stretch bunch o bw squats

5s tm 245 same as last cycle
Bar x 8
185 x 5
205 x 7
185 x 8,8,8,6
Was slow & grindey all workout. Usually I will slow down a bit somewhere just above parallel on tough reps & then accelerate a bit. Today all the heavy feeling reps were just slogs thru the mud


Ok, nooooow I understand why bros skip legday. Squats after 3weeks of almost no back squats fuuukked me up. Bad doms. Enough to need 2 days off bad. Better today.

Elliptical followed by a good bit of stretching.

3rd world squat mobility dance
10 BW squats, last 3 reps elevator squats

110db 3rd world hold ~15-20 sec then 5 warmup reps.
15, 10

OHP 3s tm 120
(cleaned from floor, bros are doing 135lb shrugs in the rack)
Bar x 8
75 x 5
95 x 3
(From the rack here out)
105 x 5push6 probably would have had 6th strict but didn’t wanna risk grinding it out
85 x 9p10, 7p10, 7p10 last set was balls out

SuperWideGrip pullups x 8
Dips/pulldowns with wide grip MAGbar 60sec rests
7/10 (dropped a plate & did last set behind the neck)


Sooooo much rocksalt. My poor poor California car must think I’m mad at her. I sort of am, sounds like I need a new/rebuilt front axle. Hopefully there won’t be any snow/slop/ice left when it comes time to do the work. Hope springs eternal as they say.

Elliptical 60sc of hammie stretchin’. Floor was kinda wet in the. 20-30 sqft they have to stretch so…

RDL 2 x 5 x 135

Deads 3s TM 355
225 x 5
285 x 3
315 x 6
285 x 3x5
Felt my knee act up after 285 warmup set. Between that and the owner walking around I didn’t really focus & crush my 315 set. Didn’t wanna be banging & clanging too much with guy right there. Knee felt good though & had 2+ left in the tank I’m sure. Downsets feelin like baby weight.

80 x 6drop last set was no joke
70 x 4drop
55 x 6 was moving slow stripping the weights so maybe 20-30 sec rest on the drops

Incline DB’s 50s x 3x10

95lb DB rows
5, 10,10,10

DB curls
25s x a shitload
30s x way less
20s x somewhere in between


Rebuilt axle, all fun and games hey, did that recently on my Jeep, what to you drive mate?


Hiya Luc. The car I’m working on is an 03 vw golf gti 1.8t. First German car & first turbo car. 330k kilometers (seems like that’s soooo high converting from miles haha). Body is super clean, engine & trans are strong. Needed brakes & tires & plugs & a thermostat that I’ve done already. Has a broken bushing in the left front lower control arm that I assume accelerated the death of the axle/cv joint. It just started clicking so I’m going to baby it (can drive it w/o clicking if I’m eeeaasssyyy) till I get the right day to crawl under it & fix it - it’s winter here. I don’t mind fixing cars, it’s rewarding to make it drive/turn/stop better.

Squat day

Bike stretch, looots of shoulder dislocates. Did the dislocates with less tension than usual due to my gimpy left shoulder. 3rd world mobility dance.

Squats 3s TM235
BW x a pump
135 x 5
165 x 3 last rep paused
190 x 3
215 x 6?7? Lost count. Was reeeeally focused on tightness & controlling the decent. Felt stronger than last week by far.
185 x 4x8

Pullup from med width angled grips/dips EMOM supaset
Pumped. Fin.


Elliptical, no stretching because 530gym is packed.

3rd world mobility & bw squats
110db 3rd world hold
110db x 5, 22

OHP 1s tm120
(cleaned bar)
90 x 5
105 x 3
115 x 3 fail 4 push 6 Probably didn’t rest enough before this set

95 lb overhead supaset chest pullups short rests
(from rack)

Lateral raises w/20s 2x10

BB curls supastrict
75 x 8drop
65 x 4drop
Bar x 1set of I forget. 8,9,12?


Elliptical, got on right after a chick got off. It said 30min at level 1. What’s the point of that?? Put in my 5 min ‘feeling the muscles’, then off to do deadlifts. Packed haüs, no stretchin’.

No space to deadlift, grabbed 80lb DB for a set of 10 elevator goblet squats after a dozen or so bw squats.

Ok got space
135 rdl x 5, 5

Deads 1s, TM 355
275 x 5
305 x 3
335 x 1 dropped #2 near the top, grip slipped.
295 x 4,4,4,3,2,1

75 x 8
80 x 8reps, 6 actually counted then drop
65 x 5drop
55 x 5

Close grip pulldowns/supaset dips EMOM then 60sc rests
Dropped plate

Cable curls x 8, 10(big)drop, 8.

Fixed my ride yesterday & had a few ‘fail’ reps trying to break my axle nut free. Ended up asking the shop down the street to whack it with the air gun. Not really a rest day but meh. Keeping same TM for deads next cycle.


Solid lifting all round. What grip do you use on deads mate? Do you use chalk?
I’ve had the same with axle nuts too, big ass breaker bar and a few people wrenching on it and the sucker still wouldn’t crack