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Shakes n' Steaks


But then there’s…

I don’t need no stinkin house to lift! New gym has more than one shower like old one. I live in my car & just spent a hundo a gym membership. I’m living Tom Platz’ life. My legs are prolly similar sized too.

Joined an “Anytime Fitness” seems ok, dumbbells to 120lbs & multiple squat racks. Guy said deadlifting no problem. Saw signs up talking about “chalk free” facility though. Meh I don’t need chalk yet. A/C cranking in there so not dripping like working out in last place which weight room was a basement with no air exchange.

Ok back at it, little bit of everything. Prolly 2-3 more days like this to get back on my grind.

Elliptical warm up, no stretching because I didn’t know where that area was till I did pushups to finish.

Some BW squats then my 100lb friend for
15, 12, 15

Standing strict press. Humbling.
Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5 (bar slowed a bit for 5, I maaaaaaybe had a 6th, prolly not)
75 x 5,5,6,6

Fukk that where the pullup bar at?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
10, 8, 5(super wide), 8(close grip chin)
Moved kinda quickly, maybe 90sec between sets

Pushups on highish handles & off a lowish foot support. Like regular pushups but more rom.
EMOM 15, 10, 10

Ok didn’t wanna push it today, also eating fast food & food trucks every day & sleeping in a small hatchback with 2 med sized dogs are not strength enhancing moves. No mas creatinõs either. I’ll be back in it soon but just glad to be where I’m at right now.


Slept in the golf last night. That sucked after lifting. Decided to get the MO-tell for tonight. And since I’ll be sleeping hard, I may as well lift!

Procor lalippical adaptive cardio thing. Better than the short striding procor elliptical (aka calf machine) next to it, but it’s no lifecycle. 5min quad pump.

Leg stretches

RDLs 135 x 10

275 x 5
305 x 3
315 x 1
325 x 1
315 x 1, 1(was slipping @95% of the rep, I’m counting it), 1
275 x 8

Low incline DB’s
50s x 10,15
60s x 7

Seated cable rows
140 x 10 last set was tough had maybe 1-2reps left

Bar x10
135 x 5 paused then powerful
165 x 7,7,7 felt weak but hey it was after a bit of work

Cliff bar pre-workout, powerbar whey bar & 3 Wendy’s or cheeseburgers post workout. I’m eating ~25-2700 cal per day, but the cleanest things are taco truck burritos soooo…


2 sausage egg biscuits from Carl’s jrs
~1k calorie street burrito
2 big chicken strips. Maybe a small breasts worth
Rockstar coffee thing before I…


2 MC doubles & a coffee right after

Kind of a typical day right now. Yesterday was 5 mcchickens & a burrito & coffees haha. Been walking but easy old dog speed & flatlands only. New gym scale says 188 with shoes & clothes. Got a solid lead on a place, so I’m taking life easy, watching my cortisol & whatnots. 12hr window from first coffee to last like errrrey day.

Maybe pick up the pace again as of next workout. We’ll see like mom yusta say. Left my phone in the car so this log is off memory.

Spin bike, stretch, get loose. Plyo pushups.

Bw then 100lb db goblets 3 x 10. Back & core weak from sleeping in the car no doubt.

Bench press
Bar x 10
95 x 8
135 x 5
155 x 5
165 x 5 no sixth, had to lift up a little for 5
155 x 5,5
135 x 9

10 il clissico
6 super duper wide
8 close hand chin

Bw dips
12, 10, 8, 7



Squat daaayyyy.

Warm up on spin bike, stretch mah leggs.

BW x 10
Bar x 10
95 x 5 paused
135 x 5 paused first 2 & long pause last one
155 x 3
175 x 5
185 x 5
195 x 5,5,4fail on 5
155 x 10,10

Got a good lead & a possible 2nd on a place in CA. If neither pops, I may start looking in & around Reno. Was up there last few days & got a good vibe from the area.



OHP day, still figuring out standing OHP, was doing them seated from Jan thru July.

Spin bike with the “Anytime Fitness” trainer girl training a chick in the Warm-up/stretch/TRX room. Gahd is she hawt. Squatliscious body for sure. Married tho :wink:. Stretch & shoulder Warm-up.

Bar x 10
95 x 5
100 x 4 pushpress for 5
85 x 7, 5 push7, 5 push6 drop
65 x 5

Seated dumbbell OHP
35’s x 7,6,5drop
25’s x 6

Seated cable rows
120 x 12
140 x 10
150 x 9,8,8

BW dips
15, 11 then supersetted with pullups
10/8, 8/8

Hundreds of degrees in the valley. Gonna go into the mountains (shasta-trinity natn’l forest) for some camping & fishing next few days. Tryina catch the eclipse in Oregon on the 21st too :sunglasses:


Making use of the lighting at the new spot. Pic taken with my ol’ Nokia, nawt the sweet selfie suction cup thing & my 13mp Chinese megaphone. Macdoubbles bulid a better body. 3 macdubbles, 3macchikkuns, & 2 sausage eggmacmuffinz for today.

Bike stretch warm up shoulders.

Deadliftin around
RDL 135 x 10

295 x 5
315 x 1’s EMOM, 6reps
275 x 8, 6?7? Dunno if last set was 6or 7

DB rows
70s x 10
80s x 3 x10

Pushups feet on bench EMOM
12, 12, 12, 9fail10

Curls w/bar
21, 12


So I stumbled on a total solar eclipse today. UN. FUKKING. REAL. Yes, I will beg borrow or steal my way to the 2024 event. 360deg Oregon sunrise. Whoa.

Ok 3days off to do the Oregon eclipse journey & drove ~10hrs today back to NorCal. Of course I lifted :yum:

Bike, stretch, shoulder moves.

100lb db goblets
6, 12, 15, 15

Bench presss
Bar x 10
135 x 5
155 x 5 x 5

Low inc DB
55s x 3 x 7

Done. (NorCal sunset not the eclipse)


This is on the scale at my gym.

California + wuss gym = lulz
Don’t befund me none long as I get my rent paid on… Wait… I sleep in a car or tent or motel. Fukk rent on Friday!

Wuss squats at my wussiest. Erratic sleep, no creatine, stress, &swapping steak & chicken for mcdoubles & mcchickens has me feeling very weak. At least I have a good relationship with gravity. I pick things up, she puts them down. Works out no pun intended.

No warm up, squats are my warm up

Bar x a dozen
95 x 5paused
135 x 5 paused last 2
175 x 5
185 x 5 x 5
165 x3, got outta balance & rolled the 4th rep off. Gaaaassseedd. Shoulda got a mcchikkun before I lifted. Was going on a big burrito from ~3hrs prior.

Cable rows
100 x 10
120 x 8
140 x 8
150 x 7

8 neutral, 8 close grip chin arm focused


25 straightbar curls, veins wanna JUMP off biceps. That’s what I was goin for.

2 mcdubbles, maybe gonna get 2more.


Shasta! Mountain is no joke.

Camped near castle lake last night & swam in her this AM. 5500’ elevation & clear as a bell.


Bike stretch get loose. I think pushing the bike for 5 min as a warm up helps me lift moar weight. Case in point…

100lb goblets
W/U, 20, 15
I maaaaay have had a 25 set in me today.

Bar x 10
85 x 5
95 x 4, 3 weaksauce
85 x 5 push 7
85 x 4 push 5 fail on push6
65 x 9 fail 10 push 10
65 x 8 push 10

45 deg incline db press
45s x 8,8,7

Seated cable rows
150 x 10

7reps EMOM x 6 rounds, 6fail7 on 7th min

2 mcdubbles
2 macchikkuns


Another day another 4 Mac dubbles. I dunno how but fast food got me looking the monster :muscle::japanese_ogre:. Relationship with gravity good at 185.

Deadlift day

Bike stretch get loose.

135 x 10 sloppy

275 x 5
295 x 3
335 x 1
315 x 1,1,1,1,1
275 x ??? A lot. Was a hottie next to me, I just kept repping out. Close to 10-12

Db rows
80 x 10
90 x 10,10,8

Pushups feet up on bench EMOM
15, 12, 12, 10, 7fail8

Cable rows palms up shoulder width
120 x 10
140 x 9,8

Curls for the lady folk
65 x 10 shoulder width
65 x 10 close grip drop
Bar x 10


Punch the clock day. Not gonna 531 bench press for a bit. New gym has no Oly bench, so benching gets done in power rack. Liftoff in the rack is either ‘scary high’ or ‘elbow tweakingly low’. Sigh. I’m not hung up on BB bench press anyway.

Street burrito, pre-workout (2 scoops ON amino energy. Has less meth than the other pre-workout I’ve used)

Bike, stretch, shoulders.

10 BW sqwats
100lb goblets
6 (warm-up)
15,18,17 AKA fitty

Flat bench DB press
60s x 4 x 9

15, 10, 8, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Pull ups 90sec bet sets
8, 6, 6

Shirt off immediately after workout it’s 105 deg today. I’m looking good, feeling great with my body & training.


Squaaaat Daaayyy

Bike stretch shoulder dislocates & dumbell shoulder warm-up moves ala Tom Morrison

BW x 10
Bar x 10
95 x 5paused
135 x 5 last 2 paused
195 x 5
185 x 8,6,5
155 x 3 x 10

Fin. Maybe last workout for a bit.


What a long strange trip it’s been. Back on the east coast, back at the gym I started at (although I have an 11mo membership commitment to a chain gym too now lol). Lived off macdunnalds & taco trucks for 30days & dropped 7-8lbs. Shredded and weak. Like a Fiero. Time to fix that.

Egg sammich
650 cal weight gainer
1 scoop pre-workout

Lalippticul, stretch, shoulders, feet up pushups

Bar x 10
135 x 5 last 2 of each set paused
185 x 2
155 x 20 holy shit I’m outta shape

OHP standing in the rack like a big boy
85 x 5
95 x 3push4 like a little girl
85 x 5push7

Low incline 50lb DB’s

Seated rows
9plate x 12
11plate x 10,12

Elbow is sore doing daily things (car door, opening caps/lids, washing face, like errrything hurts) so I’m trying to work around that. Hands together cable rows don’t seem to aggravate the issue.

Played during 20rep squat set


Mate I feel your pain with the 20 rep squats, I used to smash them all the time, but now they fuck me up badly too!

Great track to be cranking while lifting, I find any Rage, Metallica, Pantera etc increases lifts by at least 5% :+1:


Thanks for dropping in @I_Luc :slightly_smiling_face: My conditioning will get better. I’m eating better & walking lots more than I was last month. My goal is to do 225 x 20, question is when?? Maybe by new years if there are no major setbacks.

I listen to a lotta rage, Metallica, offspring during harder sets. Daft Punk & house-ey beats during cardio & pump work. Classical & Jazz with a doobie in the evenings haha.

Ok deadlift & pull stuff & skip 20rep squats day.
Elliptical stretch few shoulder dislocates with hollow bar.

Rdl w/135 x 10 got to feeling good

295 x 5
275 x 7
225 x 10 focused on tempo & butt squeeze
Bar was slippin last rep of the 295 & 2nd 275 set. Locked em out but ended up dropping from a few inches on the eccentric. Grip & overhead strength noticably weaker after my August adventures

Seated BB OHP
(Back not touching pad)
65 x 10
75 x 9
85 x 5 fail on 6
(Back on pad)
85 x 7 fail on 8

Tbar row jammie (I missed this machine)
35 x 8
60 x 10
70 x 9
70 x 6drop
60 x 3nahalfrep drop
35 x 8

BB incline
95 x 10
115 x 5
125 x 8,7,5

DB rows (not elbow friendly)
80’s x 15, 10right/12left

Cable rows/supasetted dips
14plate iso hold drop
11p x 8/10dips
10p x 8/10
10p x 10/10


Brought a buddy… …er… my girlfriend!! to the gym today. She killed it :sunglasses:

Lalippticul, stretch, shoulder moves, pushups

Bar x 10
135 x 5 pauses sprinkled in
185 x 3
165 x 20

Standing ohp 80lb fixed BB

DB Flat bench
55s x 12
60s x 10,10

One set of like 25 cable curls fo day pump

Lat pulldown supersetted w/sets of 10dips
3 x 10 weight pyramidd’d up


Last 4 days appx calorie count, trying to gain. 4000(dl day), 2600, 3700, 3200. 22-2300 down as of post workout shake today. Roughly shooting to eat under 4k on lifting days & over 3k on off days.

Squat & pull stuff day

Enipplecal, stretch, shoulder dislocates, wall sits & 3rd world squat-mobility moves

Lots of bodyweight & goblets, teaching my girl to love them like I do lol
W/u --> 135
135lb front squats x 6 yep these helped fukk my elbow up I’m putting this move on the shelf for a while
195 x 5
195 x 5 CLANG on 6
Good leg knee tendonitis a lil bit

60 x 10
70 x 8
75 x 5nahalfdrop
60 x 6drop
35 x 10
Real ~10sec drop sets, my girl was stripping the weight

Incline barbell
Bar x 10
95 x 5?8? I dunno
115 x 5
135 x 8 ass lifted a lil last 2

80lb DB rows
10, 20

One set super wide grip pullups no elbow pain

Seated rows x 3 Last set dropset

Shit ton of standing DB curls


I find front squats a pain too, when I used to regularly do them, always puts tension on my elbows, so usually end up in the cross arm stance, I know people frown against it, but it works for me, maybe something to try.


I may try that down the road Luc. For now I’m happy doing goblets & not-so-low bar back squats deepdeepdeep.

OHP day

Bike stretch git loose

90lb goblets
10, 25

Bar x 8, 5
75 x 5
85 x 6 push 9
65 x 10,10,10,9push10, 10push13 fail on 14

Incline DB
50s x 6 too heavy ass up last 2
45s x 7,6,6fail7

Lat pulldown/dips supaset short rest
10/10, 8/10, 7/8

4000, 35, 3700 Cal last 3 days. Wake up 180


4k calories yesterday, over 1200 was Natty peanut butter lol.

Deadlift & punch the clock & don’t make my elbow worse day.

Elliptical, stretch the hell outta my legs.

RDL bar 135 x 10

275 x 5
295 x 3
275 x 8

Some pushups some super wide grip pullups some ab moves. I’m a trainer now :zipper_mouth_face:. The blind leading the blinder lol