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Shakes for Children


I'm making shakes for my twin boys, age 7, so they can get more nutrition. Does anyone have any good ideas for shakes/smoothies for kids that worked for you?


No real reason to be including anything like whey, so just go with things that you would want your kids to be eating; natural yogurt, milk, fruit, berries, peanut butter, milled flaxseed, crushed oats, honey... Natural, wholesome, healthy food. Just blend it to a good consistancy, as I know some kids can be funny about food texture.


what do you mean "worked for you"?

Well, it's easy to build your own.

Base: water or milk
Yogurt or cottage cheese
Vitamins/Minerals: pick any fuits/veggies you want
Toppings if you want: nuts, spices (cinnamon), greens powder (superfood)


I would say banana, strawberries, milk, and all natural yogurt would be a good place to start. Oh and some crushed ice too.


I always liked milk, chocolate sauce, bananas and ice myself.


There is a shake/powder out made from egg protein that is good for children. Not sure of the name since i've never really been interested in it because i eat eggs.


look into "Naked" juices.. high sugar content, but it's all natural, no added sugar. I like "Green Machine" tastes amazing, and only gets better with added ingredients. Not your sweetened "v-8 splash" but a concoction of real veggies and fruits. best part is, it comes "blended", a quick and easy fix for time crunches and on the go. I believe it even comes in smaller travel sized bottles.


since 2 years, I've been adding my girls (4&6 old) teaspoon of whey in their morning milk...
Results on immunity are awesome.
Try & see...


Considering all most parents feed their kids is syrup in carious forms, I see nothing wrong with a shake.

...and it was blind coincidence that I spelled "various" as "carious".


funny how society works. If a kid was sluggin back a whey shake vs a Juicy Juice, no one would bat an eye at the latter


Also to bring to attention if you have identical twins there might be a chance, that one will have a lack of "good" chromes. Done a couple of studies with animals over the years and by knowing a few sets of identical twins. I guess one embyro soaks up the good stuff and leaves the other with the leftovers. Might want to look into some brain boosting foods.....


I second this I love those god damned things.


My daughter loves protein shakes! She likes all kinds of protein too! She started at 2 drinking sips of mine and now she drinks her own! I usually make it in the blender with ice, a scoop of protein, a banana and oatmeal. Fills her up! She doesn't like meat so it makes me feel better that she's getting SOME sort of protein! She's a chocoholic so we keep it simple but I'd think with a vanilla protein the flavor options would be endless! Maybe even add some of those Biotest flavorings or Mios from the grocery to change it up! Making it has be so much better than all those pediasure, ensure, whatever canned crap they have at the store!


I like to use naked juice as a base for my shakes. About 8 ounces then add bananas, oranges, some berries and a scoop of whey protine. I also use naked juice with a hand full of spinach, some carrots, and parsley. Tasty stuff!


How old is she? I made protein shakes for my 2 year old son too, but then I talked to a health specialist I know and he told me that childrens protein need is actually pretty small and that too much protein early on could give them diabetes later. I had never heard about that connection before but now I only put a few grams of protein in his shakes, the rest is mostly fruit and youghurt etc.


Good tasking protein can't really hurt. When I come home from college I get harassed by my 9yr old sis for shakes, every day. Some choc. protein powder, milk, bananas or any other basic shakes with normal protein powders are better than the bs in the fridge she could be having. Strawberry banana is also another hit. Strawberry whey and bananas. I wish my dad wasn't so damn lazy, my sis would be better off w protein as a sweet tooth hit vs the other shit she has.

As for "health" stuff, you can't go wrong with fruit blends. Sneak some spinach into the blender with tons of berries. You cannot taste the spinach, but as long as you have blackberries or blueberries the color doesn't make it look nasty. food dye may help too, i guess.


Vt said it, but I would recommend baby spinach due to the fact it is not as powerful tasting as reg spinach.


small scoop of sugar free ice cream makes any protein shake tastier. I use frozen fruit to make mine milkshake consistancy. benefiber is good cause it doesn't change the taste. Maybe some Indigo-3G... I dont have kids though, so I dont know


Even Little Miss Muffet ate her curds and whey. Just keep the spiders out.


Oh. Not snakes for children. This topic just got a lot less interesting. I need some glasses.