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Shakes, Bars and Snacks

Anyone have any suggestions for high protein, low sugar things to munch on?

Right now I get Premier Protein shakes from Costco but it’s a little pricey at $27 for an 18 pack. I also eat something called Kids Power Crunch bars (obviously for kids) which taste really good but aren’t filling. I also snack on walnuts, pecans, etc but looking for easy, on the go options that I can eat between meals.

Any input is appreciated!

With this being a Biotest forum, I’d feel like it would only be appropriate to recommend Biotest products…

I buy Kirkland protein bars from Costco and they are absolutely amazing. The nutritional label and the taste are both great!

I think I’ve tried those once but remember they were really chewy…are the ones you get like that?

They are soft, I could see where one would say they are chewy. I’ve never noticed that they were so chewy that they became an annoyance.

Thanks, I’ll give them a try again. There are some other bars at Costco from PureProtein, might give those a shot as well.

I use the 5% KTFO bars at work. Delicious and handy.

Quest Protein Bars