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Shakes After Workout Caused By CNS?


Hello Guys,

I'm currenly doing full body splits CW Style.And iv'e noticed that after a hard exercise usually squats I shake a bit during my workouts? I take EC before a workout but dont think this is contributing as if I take a stack just genrally I dont get the shakes!?

Im guessing the shakes are my CNS, due to lifting heavy loads!?

Any hoot, anyhting to "worry" about chaps?




i think you are probably fine. when i do legs i get shaky. yesterday after i did record squats and then heavy leg presses, doing leg extensions were terrible cuz my leg would shake as i stretched it out.


eh you're fine if it stops after an hour or so,my muscles twitch/spasm when I go heavy,it gets kinda annoying


i didnt feel that there was a need for a new thread, but i occasionally get blurred vision and light headed when i lift heavy. Also, sometimes after im done lifting and done showering and finally starting to relax, my eyes just cant focus on one thing and it feels like they are shaking side to side. Is that normal too?


i also experience this to, only after i do legs, usually after squating. when i stand still my legs will shake...


Mabey you should take a break from the EC stack for a week or to, and see if the shakes go away?


Make sure your taking deep breaths on top of the squat.


I would agree with this. I think that for the most part its just the heavy leg work but with an EC stack its better that you make sure thats not causing the adverse effects.


HELL YEAH! that's what I'm talking about.

Finally someone posting a question like "I do squats so hard my body shakes is that bad?" instead of "I exercise like a fruitcake do I get a pat on the back".

Keep up the good work.


Lol thanks.


yall see this?cause i dont think this is normal


I used to get the shakes as well but they've pretty much stopped for no apparent reason


Yeah, I'm pretty sure this isnt normal.

I get the shakes for an hour or so after squats or deadlifts.


No this isn't normal at all and if it keeps happening please see a physician.


LOL, that's pretty funny, but true. Usually I stand around between sets of deadlifts or squats leaning on the power cage and gasping like a fish out of water. If this doesn't happen to you, you're probably not lifting heavy enough.


If your arms are shaking after doing squats, your blood sugar is low. Down something some liquid sugar: Surge, gatorade or kool-aid are all great choices (full-body with no breakfast is not the smartest thing to do). If your legs are shaking your fine, rest a little it should go away within 5 min. if not you need to learn how to make your body relax. Cramps go away very fast when you master this skill.

If your eyes are bugging out an hour after a workout you should probably see a doctor, at the very least get your blood pressure checked. Probably blood sugar too, oh, and make sure to drink plenty of water; dehydration does funny things to people.