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Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about opening a store. A fast food joint. OK…I know, it sounds bad, but it isnt. It would be a place where you could get protein shakes, shakes with fruits and healthy meals fast. There would be a base source of whey protein for all the shakes, and fruit could be added. You could buy lean chicken, turkey, fish and beef mostly grilled. Brown rice, yams, whole wheat pasta and all the veggies raw or steamed. You might be able to buy some energy products as well. This would be a no compromises place though. A place where if you walk in, you absolutely 100% know what you are getting. All the calories of the items sold would be listed. All combinations could be made.
I know I would love a place like this in my neighborhood. I want your opinions, regarding the need for such a place. Please give if its negative or positive, all feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


A place like that would be great.

You would have to be very careful about location though… maybe near a gym or something. The majority of people won’t eat at your shakery, but if you can fill a niche, you could be a big hit.

Yeah man,that dude is right.America is full of fat pigs who don’t care about their health,no matter what! You’d be better off putting it near a gym,a mall,a highway,a walmart,or a busy street. Anywhere that has a lot of people.On the other hand,you could put it by fast food joints because I’m sure there are a lot of unhealthy people who eat that crap everyday that,in the back on their mind,wonder about their health;and if they see a health-fastfood store there they might give it a try. Or maybe mothers who want to feed their kids healthier foods. I think your idea is GREAT! I wish there was aplace like that where I lived(and no,subway doesn’t count.Deli meat is full of fat and sodium,LOL).If thats your deadm then follow it man.Once you follow through with anything(just like a good nutrition plan and working out) it will happen.Good luck man.

Here’s another idea for you:

See if a local gym (large, with a large membership) will allow you to place a kiosk in the gym. That would be convenient.

what town and state do you live in? That might play a big role in success or failure. Places like LA or San Diego where they appear to at least want to look like they have a healthier lifestyle and such.

Sounds like you want to open a Pump.
Exactly what you’re describing.

Hate to rub it in, but here in New York City we have these:

I eat there twice a day.
Amazing resource that i wish there were more of in other cities.

Might be good to contact them about opening one in your city.

Sounds awesome but you have a VERY limited target audience like others stated. It will all boil down to placement etc.’

I do wish you the best of luck though and if it flies Ill stop in for some good eats.


Thanks for the replys. I think I will have to chose my location carefully. I live in New Jersey. It is quite diverse here.
The pump would be a good store to visit, I guess.
I think I will have to make it as simple as possible. Thanks again. If you have ideas or thoughts dont hesitate to let me know!