This question came to mind when I was reading a question asking people to rate the different MRP’s and protein powders. What do you use to mix up your drinks? Do any of you actually stir with a spoon with any success? Blenders are a big pain to have to continually rinse out. Most of the so called shakers I have seen are these martini-type jobs with a weird chamber in the lid that is a real pain to clean out. I personally use a “turbo shaker” and have been for years. Problem is I can’t find it in stores anymore. Has anybody seen these or any other decent product? If so where can I get one? Thanks, Mike

I bought a container with kool aid in it, you know the ones with the top and they are plastic. I use that, it is very convenient, I add the liquid and oils and protein and shake for a few seconds most of the time it is mixed perfectly.

Braun makes a hand-held blender that can beat Grow! into submission in just a few seconds flat. The blade twists off so it can be washed in the dishwasher also.

I have no idea about a “turbo shaker,” but I personally use Optimum Nutrition whey almost exclusively because it mixes better than any other brand I know of. I don’t even use a spoon - I just put powder in a glass, put water in afterward, and swirl it until it mixes (about 10-15 seconds.) Works for me. And please, if anyone is going to respond to this with “Their protein sucks!” then spare me, because unless you’ve got the evidence, I’m not listening!


i use a spoon. of course this results in me having to chew up my mrp once in a while.

I just just dump the powder into a bowl, add
cold water and mix with a spoon. I don’t have
time to mess with blendors and shakers. This
works better with some protein powders than
others … I just don’t use the ones which
don’t work well.