Shaker Bottles

Does any body have any prefernce in the type of shaker you mix your protein shakes in? I need to add a few more to my invenentory ( I currently have 1).

Mitch Green

I like the Ultimate Shaker bottle screw top. The Great Shakes bottles don’t seem to hold up as well, nor do they make as good of a seal as the Ulitmate Shaker.

i just use a one litre nalgene wide mouth bottle.

Check out the Nutribottle Umixpro

I seldom use a shaker bottle, but when I do I just use the free Hot-Rox nalgene bottle I got with an order. It’s not really made for that, no screen or anything, but it has a wide mouth and it works fine. Grow! mixes easily but what type of protein powder you’re using may make a difference.

I had a free netrition bottle once but it was a piece of crap and leaked before the top just broke off. The Nalgene bottles rule though.

the ones at the dollar store.

I just use the tupperwear shakers from WalMart. The cost about $.85 and are quite durable.

I am a huge fan of the Turbo Shaker by bemis.

I just use the rubbermaid bottles from the grocery store, but I add a couple marbles in to agitate when I need to mix something. Just don’t drink the marbles when you’re done. They go to the bottom anyway.

During a break from school I was at my parents house and didn’t have a shaker or a blender, so I used a cottage cheese container that I had left over.

I don’t think I would use marbles, but ice cubes work well too!