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Shaker Bottle?

I’m haveing trouble finding a good shaker bottle for my GROW. I had great luck with a bottle that had a little metal ball in it. I think it was called the “Spiral Ball”. Unfortunatly I had to throw it away because I didn’t clean it out for a couple days and it got all funky. I ran it through the dishwasher a couple times to no avail. I can’'t seem to find any more of these. I have since tred a couple differnet bottles form different sources: GNC, Target, the Vitman Shoppe. They all have the same mechanism, a little sett of “fins” that sit just below the lid. Most of them leaked the first time I tried to shake them. The one form GNC worked well for a couple weeks before the rubber strip in the lid broke and again I dripping GROW juice on myself.

So can ayone recommend a good shaker bottle and/or point me to an online dealer of Spiral Balls.


Never had any luck with any opf the shakers made for protein drinks. They all leak.

I use a nangalene bottle for all my Grow! shakes, as well as Surge.

Never fails to work PERFECT.
Just remember to wash the thing. Also if you dont just let it soak for a bit you can even add a lil bleach to the bottle if needed.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Phil,

I’ve been using some of the cheaper, target nalgene knock offs lately. In fact, I added the little metal spiral ball from the bottle I had to throw out to it. It works well but I seem to end up with little clumps on the bottom or side. Of course, the bigger issue is that my wife keep nabbing my nalgene and I never see them again.


I’ve had really good luck with this one from Tupperware. It has the fin/disk thing, but I’ve never had a problem with it leaking or anything.

Actually looks like they’re on sale right now, 2 for $10.

I was wondering what people’s favorite everday water bottles are?

I’ve started using Nalgene bottles too. I’m not as crazy about the screw on/off tops, but the fact that even I can’t seem to break them and they’re great for measuring servings it’s a small price to pay. Biotest should make some. Free Nalgene with 2 bottles of grow, they could even put little characatures of Tim, TC, Shugs and the gang on them, collect the whole set!