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Shaker Bottle Issues


Just wondering what shaker bottles you all recommend. I've found that the ones from another site / GNC / and Macrobolic Nutrition are all pieces of shit.

I'm looking for recommendations on bottles that don't get jacked up after a month of usage. Thanks.


for that same reason i use a mason jar w/ a screw cap. lately it's been from classico tomato sauce. cleans up good as new every time. i've yet to break one, but i'm not one of those guys who has a trap bar, chains, and a sawzall in my bag either.


Best thing I have found is to go to a kitchen store that has all of the kitchen gadgets and stuff. They will have high quality shaker bottles there that you can use to make homeaid salad dressings and things. They are made really well and dont leak at all. I think I got mine for about $6 but it works great.


found it online.... Type Zyliss Shake'N Go into google and it will bring it up.


I've yet to find one that lasts, although admittedly, I haven't tried all that many. I might try the kitchen shop idea, though.



I have a Nalgene 32 oz. Lexan wide mouth bottle. It's just about indestructable. You can get them at sporting goods stores for about $8.00. Google it to see what's available online.


Tupperware! Sounds pussy but lasts good.


Try the Rubbermaid Chug bottle. I bought a couple of them for $3 a piece at the grocery store, and have been using them for years. They withstand squeezing, dropping on concrete, and have a rubber seal in the lid that prevents leakage.

Here's a link:



I have a couple of them. I just use the straight up rubbermaid type ones,very durable and should I loose it I'm out like 2.99.


The Ultimate Shaker is the best shaker bottle I've ever used. Just Google 'ultimate shaker' and you'll find several online retailers. They're about $3 - $4. They are great! I've got 4 of them. I've had all of them for over 6 months. Make sure you get the 25oz size. The smaller size doesn't provide enough room to shake up your Grow!



I bought one from vitamin shop for 3 bucks, It's lasted 6 months, 4 countries, 2 train rides and multiple checkpoints. Holds up pretty well, has a rubber seal and a vent, as well as an insert to help in the mixing process, cleans up easily too



I'll second the Tupperware.

I have 4 of them and they hold up great. No leaks, don't break, even have a screen.


I just use wide-mouth Nalgenes and cheap Nalgene rip-offs.


I'll third it. They look kind of pansy-ish, but they don't leak.


Google "blender bottle"


I've been through about 20 normal bottles before I got these, and they ROCK. You can get them at whole foods, or similar stores.

On a side note, nalgene bottles are good, but they are annoying to drink out of. Enjoy!



I just get free ones from Max Muscle.

Mixing Grow! with Milk makes it easier to rinse out. For some reason with water it seems to bind to the plastic more and needs more rinsing.