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Shakeology Shakes


Hey everyone,

So my wife ordered over a $100 worth of some product called “Shakeology.” I told her it seems like a pyramid scheme, but none the less she ordered it. Fast fordward a couple weeks, she can’t take it cause of allergies. I don’t want to chuck it cause it is pricey. Anyone here used it and if so, how and how was it?


It is multi level marketing. Whether you call that pyramid scheme or not, is up to you. As far as the drink goes, it’s not to be confused with a protein drink. If I recall, it’s very low on protein (something like 16 g) but it won’t hurt you to finish off the remainder but, if you’re looking for a protein supplement, go with something else.


I have no motivation to buy more, it’s overpriced. But, it tastes pretty good and I mixed it with whole milk and PB to add calories and protein. I will finish the package and never purchase it again.