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Shake Weight





All I could think was they were giving some giant penis a handjob...

lol @ behind the head handjobs...


hahaha, i love this stuff. I see it all the time at work and it makes a good conversation with the customers. How stupid can people be to actually buy this




You guys are dumb, it clearly says its 300 % more effective than traditional weight training!


LMAO that looks so dirty


Honestly, that's a joke right? Holy shit that made me laugh...


I see some benefit to this, better handjobs?


As long as they dont rip it right off!


I don't know how truly effective it is for the arms, but it sure looks like a lot of fun on the clit.



Don't like the product. It'll just teach our women to keep their hands stationary during the act. They'll expect the guys to do all the work. It's called a handjob for a reason.


I'm sorry but did they actually say the models' arms were "sculpted"?!


no, but it's used for toning b/c cable curls make your arms hella swo' and you'll look like Mr Mom trying to rock a summer dress with some big ass pythons poking out


I kept thinking that thing would jizz on her face.

Continually disappointed.

And I would hate for her to develop some vulcan death grip that would squeeze the life out of my cock.