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Shake Weight Good for Something?


A 19-year-old West Lafayette man faces two felony charges after he allegedly beat his girlfriend senseless using a Shake Weight dumbbell.

Police say that on Nov. 9, Jonathan T. Noe violated a previously established protective order and attacked his former girlfriend after returning to her apartment following a party, The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports.

The protective order, filed June 22 in Porter County, was intended to safeguard the victim and keep Noe from abusing her.

Authorities discovered the victim with her eyes swollen shut, at least four teeth knocked inward, and her mouth too swollen to speak, according to local Fox affiliate WXIN-59.

Police later found Noe sitting intoxicated on the couch at his apartment.

Police charged Noe with felony counts of battery by means of a deadly weapon and strangulation. He also received a misdemeanor invasion of privacy charge.


Thank God he didn't use a kettlebell. He'd probably have killed her.


I bet he felt it in his arms, chest, shoulders, and back the next day DOMS style.


Yeah, not that funny...


Damn you ID and FuzzyApple.... I feel extremely bad for laughing at your posts...


What a sack of shit.


I wonder if he just turned it on and held it near her head.
"The shake weight beat my wife!!"



I don't fucking care if a goddamned Shakeweight went back in time and fucking killed Adolf motherfucking Hitler we do not start another Shakeweight thread!


^ you okay?