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Shake taste and Biotest Source

I have not purchased Protein Powder in awhile cause the last time I did the stuff tasted nasty and I didn’t use it. Are there any protein powders out there that actually taste good?

And does anyone know of a local source for Biotest products. I am not ready to buy in large quantities till I kow that they taste decent. I am in the DC area in Ashburn(out by Dulles Airport). I have tried some of the shops in my area and none of the carry the bars or shakes. HELP!


Order online. Sign up with T-nation (see main page) and you’ll get a discount. You won’t be disappointed with the taste of Grow! And if you are you can get a refund.

I live in Ashburn too! What gym do you train at? I have to run right now but I can tell you where to get Biotest at a fair price (Herndon). I’ll check back later.

Try Vitamin Shoppe…look in your phone book for one near by… I do know there is one near Tyson’s Corner just right off of 495 on Rt. 7

There are only three companies I use and trust.

1) Biotest: Grow tastes great! Check out dpsnutrition, netrition and vitaplus for good prices on all Biotest products.

2) Xtremeformulations: Ultra Peptide is awesome tasting and Relentless is similar to Surge. I’m torn between this and Grow for taste. I like the mixability of this more than Grow. You can find it at vitaplus for the best price.

3)Labrada: Low Carb Lean Body Packs. These are the only protein supplements I use from Labrada. I’ve tasted the other stuff they sell, and they don’t taste good. The Low Carb Lean Body packs use sucralose, and that’s the main reason it tastes better than the other protein powders they sell. You can also find this at dpsnutrition and netrition.

Currently I am training at the Olympus in sterling. If you take 28South and hang a left onto Sterling Blvd the Olympus is a mile on the left. I really like the gym cause the owners are former bodybuilders/powerlifters and they don’t mind when they see you doing box squats or deadlifts. And it is not too busy like some of the other gyms in the area.

So how bout that source for biotest :slight_smile:


There’s a good place in Reston/Herndon for Biotest supplements. I don’t know if they still carry it, but it’s in the mall where Gold’s Gym Reston/Herndon location is on Elden Street. The mall also has K Mart.

BTW I REALLY hate protein shakes in general, but I love Biotest GROW!

How do you like Ashburn area BTW? I fly out of Dulles every week and return to it for weekend.

As Stella mentioned, Vitamins and More (703.787.0700) is the place to go. It’s in the Golds gym plaza off of Elden St. The owners name is Mike and Teresa is the manager. I have thoroughly checked all nutrition/supp. stores in the area and they are significantly lower with most products. Just tell them Keith sent you and they’ll hook you up. You may want to call in advance to make sure they have the product on the shelf. Good luck!

Thanks Stella and BodyIQ. I really appreciate the source. I will give them a call today and may go pick some up this weekend. There is also the Vitamin Shoppe by Dulles Town Center that is a little closer to me. I will check both of them out and see who has the better price.

Stella I love the Ashburn area. It reminds me of Lakeridge when I was growing up(down by potomac mmills mall). But that was awhile ago before all of the commercial construction that they have now. Fortunately my wife and I bought our house about 4 years ago cause we could not afford to live there now. But if someone was looking for a single family or townhouse I would suggest ashburn as a good option to look at.


Hi Marcus,

Glad to be of help. And glad to hear you enjoy Ashburn area. I'd like to live there if it weren't for the fact that it's far from DC/Metro stations. I do need to commute to DC once in a while, which is rather painful.

Have fun w/ GROW! shakes! :) My favorite is mixing one scoop of vanilla Grow! (low carb) and a cup of frozen strawberries. Yum!