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Shake Right After Workout or Meal Later?


Is it worth it to have a 25g protein shake (pure protein whey powder) right after working out, then having a big 30+ g protein dinner about 30-40 minutes later? Because I heard that if you consume over 30 grams of protein at once, then the extra protein will just be wasted and will instead hurt your kidneys. What's the best way to take advantage of the postworkout anabolic window?


It doesn't go to waste man, 30 grams seems like a waste of a post workout meal to me actually lol.

Seriously though, do both..protein is protein and it will get used.


That's funny, I read the 30 grams rule somewhere before too, but I completely forgot where!


the best is a combo of 20g whey AND 20g casein in a sport drink to help spike your insulin. By spiking insulin directly after a workout (20-30minutes post last rep) you help with protein synthesis. By waiting the 20-30 minutes you have a 30% greater utilization of the protein you are injesting :slightly_smiling: Then try to get a bigger meal in between the 45-60 minute mark post last rep :slightly_smiling: Lift Strong for life...


This just isn't true, having carbs immediately post workout would not be for the insulin spike. It would be because you like to.

Go with just protein if you want anything directly after training. This has been discussed in detail on this site many times.


The best combo is to continue to lift, consistently, while getting stronger, and consistently getting the right amount of calories to make progress towards your goals, FOR YEARS AT A TIME.

Total caloric intake & consistent progress in the weight room are far more important that what you put in your shake at this point.

People got jacked eating grapes and drinking water back in the day. You can do it without worrying if you should drink a shake with your meal or not as a beginner.

You will be able to answer your own question soon enough, but be sure to get the bare bone basics down before you stress over 20 flippin grams of protein and it's timing.



Go eat and stop logging on the internet. Eat and lift. Make changes as necessary. Fuck this is really too simple.


Jesus christ this is a shitty post.

Or are those smiley faces supposed to be indicative of trolling?


Find some pictures of the guys spewing the 'anything over 30g of protein is a waste' nonsense, and then find some pictures of the guys that call bullshit on it (hint: it will be much easier to find the latter). Then make up your own mind.

Best way to take advantage of the window? Grab a crowbar. Anything that isn't bolted, screwed, or nailed down well enough gets eaten. That magical hour after training is damn near a free-reign-eating-binge license.

Whoever blasted that shit about spiking insulin after a session needs to crawl back under that rock. Insulin spikage is suppressed during heavy lifting (and remains that way for a while). Yes, I said 'spikage'. Not feeling geeky right now.

That is all.


The most disconcerting part of this post was that you said a dinner with 30g protein is big. I have small meals with 40 grams of protein. You're "majoring in the minors" quit worrying about nutrient timing until your eating enough food.


Watch out for anything/anyone that claims to be/know/have the "best". Thats some powerful language, and usually means its a bunch of crap.


I do a little over a gram of protein of bodyweight per day, so right now 30g of protein in a meal is of decent size for me. That may sound small to most people here but you have start somewhere.

I will focus on getting in more calories, you're probably right that nutrient timing doesn't matter too much at least at my level.

As for the guy talking about 20g of whey and 20g of casein, I don't think that level of accuracy is really necessary right now. I'm just looking for the best way to take advantage of the post workout window, so from now on I'm just going to take the protein shake immediately postworkout and then eat a large meal about 30 minutes afterwards.


This attitude is going to hinder your growth


Gentlemen my apologies. When I said that the 20/20 protein solution was the "best" I should have stated first that this is what has been working "best" for my goals and training. I have gained 15# of muscle in 6 months with an increase of 70# in each of the big three. so that would be about a 5:1 power to weight ratio.

I realize that this is in no way huge but I also have done it without equipment or major injury. I am the proverbial skinny bastard who has to fight for every pound unless I eat 5000cal/day and hibernate.

I do thank all of you for keeping this post honest and helping to keep my information correct...dirk


It's not so much to spike insulin as to return it to normal. Nutrition science classes say that the best thing immediately after working out is a tall glass of Chocolate Milk


How about this:
Take about 15-20g of dextrose to spike insulin before training.
Benefit from insulin action and non-insulin uptake during training.
Have a tall protein shake with some sort of carbs (maltodextrin) after training to restore blood sugar levels and flood the muscle with nutrients.


I don't understand all this talk about shuttling nutrients into the muscles with carbs immediately post workout. The carbs aren't needed immediately post workout.


I agree.

For some people they work. For many people, fast carbs prior and during exercise is superior.


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Haven't experimented with carbs during lifting. I can definitely see how maintaining blood sugar levels while training would be superior to replenishing them afterward.

Any links or info on sources, quantities, etc?

I drink a 32oz gatorade while lifting (56g carbs), but I'm sure that's not exactly optimal.